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Berlin shows off its sexy curves

Friday, Jan 17, 2014 - 01:43

Jan. 17 - Curvy is Sexy provides the contrast to Berlin Fashion Week. Alicia Powell reports.

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Berlin Fashion Week is like any other major fashion event - dominated by designers who make clothes for women often a lot smaller than average size. But the fashion trade fair "Curvy is Sexy" is hoping to combat that disparity. For the first three days of Berlin Fashion Week, designers will show their full-sized fashions from size 10 and up. For many of those models, their work is a way of finding their balance in a world that is obsessed with being slim and small. SOUNDBITE: Alina, model, saying (German): "Every person has the right to be accepted just as they are. I was mobbed before in my life. But now I can present myself as I am. I am very big. I can stand by it these days. You always have to fight for stuff but I believe you can achieve anything if you really want to. That is what I want to convey, that you have to be happy with yourself and no matter if you are tall or heavy, you have to find yourself and that is what you can show to the world." Flowing fabrics that hug the body in all the right places - not trying to hide the curves but showing them off: That is something runway-coach Jorge Gonzalez appreciates. SOUNDBITE: Jorge Gonzalez, runway coach, saying (English): "I know a lot of skinny women who look horrible and look like ghosts. I think women have to be women. Beauty is not decided by if you are small or big. Coming from Cuba, all my family, my aunt, even my mother- a beautiful woman - and she was really big. But she was a woman, very sexy, very elegant, very feminine." This is the second year for "Curvy is Sexy" and organizers hope to establish the event as a staple.

Berlin shows off its sexy curves

Friday, Jan 17, 2014 - 01:43

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