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Thousands left to fend for themselves

Saturday, Jan 18, 2014 - 01:13

Political red tape, mismanagement to blame for lack of distribution of supplies to thousands of displaced families in Afghanistan. Julie Noce reports.

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It's a growing problem in Afghanistan- displaced families leaving their homes in dangerous provinces only to find life just as dire in other ways when they arrive somewhere else. Here along the roads leading to the prosperous city of Herat, people are living with little more than the shirt on their backs, even as the harsh Afghan winter is bearing down. (SOUNDBITE) (Dari) INTERNALLY DISPLACED WOMAN FROM GHOR PROVINCE, MABIBI, SAYING: "We have not received any assistance from the government so far. Only businessmen have provided us with some food and clothes for our children." There are warehouses full of food and supplies, but due to political red tape, corruption and mismanagement, the supplies remain undistributed and the people remain hungry. Even the United Nations, who was called in to help manage the emergency provisions, can't say when the supplies will be distributed. (SOUNDBITE) (English) HEAD OF UNHCR (UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR REFUGEES) IN AFGHANISTAN, BO SCHACK SAYING: "We regret the delay, but I think this is one of the learning lessons that the government and concerned ministries, and operational partners will be looking at, under this policy of displacement." That's little consolation to the some 620,000 displace people in Herat alone who are bracing for the long winter.

Thousands left to fend for themselves

Saturday, Jan 18, 2014 - 01:13

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