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12 Years A Slave and Gravity share Hollywood producers' prize

Monday, Jan 20, 2014 - 01:26

The 25th annual Producers Guild Awards delivers a shocker, announcing a tie for the Best Motion Picture between ''Gravity'' and ''12 Years A Slave''. Edward Baran reports.

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Hollywood producers injected drama into the Oscars race on Sunday by choosing not one but two movies as their best films of the year -- space thriller Gravity and drama 12 Year a Slave. It's the first time the Producers Guild of America has declared a tie in the 25-year history of its awards. Before the ceremony '12 Years a Slave' producer and director, Steve McQueen, said he was just happy to be so proud of the film. SOUNDBITE, Steve McQueen, producer and director, saying (English): "The fact that we're standing here is one of those thrilling moments, what the outcome will be, it will be, that's not the most important thing, the most important thing is standing with this movie that we're very, very proud of." The PGA has correctly chosen the eventual Academy Award winner for best picture for the last six years. And if 12 Years a Slave does take the biggest prize in cinema, the producer and star of the film Brad Pitt said he would have a surprise for his director. SOUNDBITE, Brad Pitt, actor, saying: "I'm going to kiss you right on the lips." SOUNDBITE, Steve McQueen, actor, saying: "On the lips, okay. I'm speechless, that's my reaction." Alfonso Cuaron, the director and producer of "Gravity," said that if he wins the Oscar he likely won't feel much while the shock sinks in. SOUNDBITE, Alfonson Cuaron, director, saying (English): "Well usually in my experience if I go up there, I just numb, so I don't think, I think that's going to be my first reaction, numbness." The 86th Academy Awards will take place on March 2.

12 Years A Slave and Gravity share Hollywood producers' prize

Monday, Jan 20, 2014 - 01:26

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