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Mugshots of suspected bomber released in Sochi

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014 - 01:19

Jan. 21 - The mugshots of a suspected female suicide bomber are released, as Russia said a suspected Islamist militant leader is killed ahead of the Winter Olympics. Gavino Garay reports.

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The mugshots of a female suspect Russian authorities fear could be plotting a suicide attack appear in Sochi, ahead of next month's Winter Olympics. This Russian tourist visiting Sochi talks about the recent security crackdown: (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) TOURIST FROM MURMANSK, LILIYA DEMIDOVA, SAYING: "I think nobody expected Volgograd explosions, even the second one after the first when people probably did not think it was that serious. But here security services work much better. They are already prepared to prevent all these terrorist attacks." Meanwhile, Russian security sources say they've killed an Islamist militant leader in the country's North Caucasus. They say Eldar Magatov was suspected in numerous attacks on Russian targets. He was killed in a shootout at a house where he had taken refuge. Human Rights Watch says the security crackdown is linked to the Games: (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) TATYANA LOKSHINA, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH RUSSIA PROGRAM DIRECTOR, SAYING: "What's happening now in the run-up to the Olympics in the North Caucasus and first of all in Dagestan is a proof of a hardline approach." Russian President Vladimir Putin has stacked his political reputation on organising a successful Olympics. Twin suicide attacks killed at least 34 people in the southern city of Volgogral last month.

Mugshots of suspected bomber released in Sochi

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014 - 01:19

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