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The Exchange: Davos 2014

Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014 - 02:11

Rob Cox chats at Davos with international football phenomenon Ronaldo about the World Cup's importance to Brazil.

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Welcome to exchange from Davos Switzerland with me. The phenomenon that one and only -- the great Brazilian soccer hero now you're here as an ambassador for world. The interest to hear how important. World Cup will be -- to -- the economy and spears. Where it's -- vetted for the media -- What cart is going. Investment. My on news state funerals but also you're quote you know rose you know all those. The investment firms do this is. That movie and important to -- What that your Olympics two years -- -- you today there. When he in the so we must also change that this week. To. And who's gonna win the world I mean is that we're so I ask you why Brazil. It's. Resume currently. The best -- tall and so. It's unfortunately. Each month pieces that we -- go. Last what -- the longest -- 2002. If you play media outlets that are just brown playing. -- -- I sort of presumably includes the division. As good so. -- hope there isn't anybody here -- us. You guys know where you haven't read throughs the vote work this. And keep in medicine. And American. Come down detective. With us. Our group it will we'll take the camera accidentally go probably -- some -- you just. Problems. Good good split. Those two. I do live with myself. Houston didn't enjoy yourself. And we'll be back with more from -- -- -- the exchanges --

The Exchange: Davos 2014

Wednesday, Jan 22, 2014 - 02:11

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