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Davos 2014: Boris Johnson gets ‘nippy’

Friday, Jan 24, 2014 - 02:44

London mayor Boris Johnson flies in to Davos in search of investors, and denies suggestions he’s disappointed to find deputy prime minister Nick Clegg in town too.

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Earlier this week six he said that if the UK -- -- the EU the implications could be dramatic High Court -- -- London map Boris Johnson. Just outside the light green hit an Austin whether his position on you Texas changed. -- my lawyer is that we can do we can get a better European Union instead of ever -- a hard time I I dodged it very much and I think most people at the start. When he's coming from which is exactly the same. Like that I take I think -- we looked at Europe they've lost fight. You tools that would say he'd been micro climate of that growth is being a supply slight problems on the court appearances. This was due to meet the countries of the union can see that. That we need a different approach to you legislation and regulation that's an argument but I think. He wants to week. In Brussels you want to renegotiation. Are backing. Complete field as the prime minister during a hard time on my -- a big issue big topic and dialysis you know. Getting our time Harris I don't know you'd have to you'd have to off him I mean I -- it is a backup and well look -- -- I think it's very very hard -- it's it's something about this loss -- that is a great. Global city and 34% of the Providence of London. What -- abroad. And it's always been very hard look at the history of the city would have very -- -- who have been born abroad. Are you go crackdown on illegal immigration and postal people leaching off the benefits system you've got to be very very tough formal went. But you should -- -- -- -- do it on talented people who -- -- -- Korea's -- in addition to slamming the door that their investment. Summit. Okay -- -- two final questions. Tourism have to leave a secular earth as -- -- that as as as the person who's gonna take it from. From Cameron I'm is that to be. And they'll run good dude the did such a person -- things we do go to do the -- -- bit puzzled individuality that we need completely let let me. And customs and and so as a slightly bad cheesy question but I'm -- -- -- have have a dynamic when you come. Had David Cameron's dad and George Osborne said and Clinton's. Tony terribly against them. I just -- in the country have tolls until but but be vetted there's also some of the things that north through. Why we review right after we we see each other and I'm done. And and of the discussed under the Clinton could you'll need to believe softened the team. The chancellor and so that the prime minister Bart that we need to do involved in this Google -- -- to -- -- mr. Obama. Like you thank you gotta be disputed the -- -- he isn't.

Davos 2014: Boris Johnson gets ‘nippy’

Friday, Jan 24, 2014 - 02:44

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