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Davos 2014: Ronaldo on the World Cup and Brazil's elections

Friday, Jan 24, 2014 - 02:39

World Cup Ambassador Ronaldo, WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell, Microsoft EVP Mark Penn, and BreakingViews' Rob Cox discuss income inequality, political change, and sports in emerging markets

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And all that how does this issue of income inequality and how is that playing out in Brazil and how will it. Play -- an election this year. The sport is a little bit detached from the with the political. Aspect. But of course if the logistics infrastructure or not there they'll put. -- impact on the outcome of the elections. There is a risk. We we have seen the population and those -- follow. Global trend. An element. What steps might slow movement. -- about the world -- -- sleaze is using. Developments happen. It would be unrealistic. View being naive to believe -- -- not just Brazil so she too. I mean the fact that the President Putin. And -- released for the colts. To put zero the pussy were -- And the Greenpeace. Activists. Seems to me to indicate. High degree of concern about. These issues and I think it's unrealistic to believe these events will not be effected or impacted would -- Brazil in 2000. And fourteen -- sixteen. Or sought change this -- Because I think. And these good we use the ideas and had a that'll that'll thing about sport. You know you you come let sport is if you are not impacted by politics is an extremely naive view. You can be sure that when people are unhappy changes -- And hand -- guys I spent about ten years doing that American elections. And most always -- with -- out candidates -- no one ever thought was gonna win because people or was usually the status. Right we have one campaign slogan was just your props though or not. He was our first woman and so the question is you know is Latin America. You know despite the progress that they made unhappy enough to to -- Continue down this path -- changed most of Latin America is not going and I don't think. In that in the greatest of directions but it tends to be now a little bit of a crazy. Patch quilt Europe does that -- too where. Where you have Merkel reelected which wouldn't. Enormous and her France moving to -- laughed and the UK moved to the -- so you haven't had a clear pattern except.

Davos 2014: Ronaldo on the World Cup and Brazil's elections

Friday, Jan 24, 2014 - 02:39

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