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Breakingviews: Europe telecoms to follow cable M&A

Monday, Jan 27, 2014 - 04:33

Jan. 27 - Cable deals continue, with Liberty Global buying Ziggo for €10bln. European telecoms are trickier, but should also rise, says Breakingviews.

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On today's breaking views your -- -- a follow cables -- NA these. And BG makes a bit of disappointing investors Chris Hughes -- is breaking news and -- Edison joins me now. Press but -- who doubles but is -- -- shares tumbling 5% to mean. It's Ain TJ AT&T losing Indus is is an overreaction. Well I think he's been forced to put statement by the can take him -- We'll some stores over the weekend time it was. Looking to having guys -- a regular basis. Well two of them one noting. Once. It's for interest than. Making a strategic and right into Europe and that we're looking at Vodafone is the likely target. So under its current state saying noninterest. It's. I don't know if his rights read to -- much into this thing to remember the it is very different right now is still in the process all. Handing over cash boxes and fast this -- to work through. Laughter -- for us until I don't think we will on the verge of seeing an AT&T very different deal anyways say. -- this will put off a slide for a few months about six months. Doesn't mean that AT&T. But it -- -- totally off the cards are you wouldn't say it's soon. House what you're saying is it invest is -- ahead of themselves and expecting it would happen seeing. Yeah probably and also remember the very different house caught. Exposure to emerging markets within those markets a lot from the general. Risk of us in the market is talking how part of -- that I think the rounds is that AT&T is still interest it. In Europe strategically. This is never something that was going to be resolved in -- America for months. I think that's an -- CDC we might see a deal perhaps in name. Talk turns down a man who's -- European telecoms right now is it really halt and emanates from says they've seen. We've seen the two media conclude its take -- all of this agreement by. Does it go off to some community tools. There's talk about voted different as well be interest since finest -- And it's and it's as an attractive place a year. For. Telecoms operators let's license activity and that's why aren't and that eighteen he's in transport will be sustained. -- an unproven benefit the other big news at today's speech he greeted. Because it cut its production people Collison is huge profit warning but breaking views on when he surprised by this. Well it and he's he's getting a bit of a habit of he's coming back from its function four consummate it and BG has historically also enjoy it. But I hit some decent premium of Everest is when you look at this they think this is starting to look like. You know public -- and every -- street. In it have to -- -- operate in some pretty challenging areas they were Vila there's always going to be. Upon the well what's been going badly in this cases this Egypt that the -- But they've also got a federal problem all of lower gas prices of C yes so that's bring down costs and cast. So you can go and higher costs as well so it all comes together and I think well for -- to Beijing. Breeding them that different has this doesn't really does that its premium rates and -- investments a fund question are currently. Exactly an end to strip really quickly the interesting thing is -- of the problems in Egypt on new morning now why didn't they say some thing. Three months -- four months back. I didn't have a -- for the net and and have the insight into the inner workings of -- is that what lessons I just say is that it is -- -- solved. But probably explains rather than the market reaction this is -- -- took -- 15%. Of the says that normally when you got. A profit warning this Oaxaca since he would cope in -- kind of offense that sort of market really have to -- questions there. Rights and no questions perhaps in the future as well my thanks to Chris Hughes from. Breaking views Coolidge and assessing financial and -- -- US breaking the show every day. That's all that's Easton seventeen says he GMT I'm managing our own resources.

Breakingviews: Europe telecoms to follow cable M&A

Monday, Jan 27, 2014 - 04:33

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