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Ukraine PM offers to quit over protests

Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014 - 03:50

Jan. 28 - Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has offered to step down to 'help end conflict', but can the resignation of President Victor Yanukovich's loyal lieutenant turn things around?

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Ukrainian prime minister -- I as a -- has offered his resignation and the latest attempt to -- eighteen month standoff with anti government protest is. They just give our young I testament inside joins me now. I think she's so much trot telling us on this breaking news story I mean basically is Oz well escaped and -- it too -- to hates. I think is definitely -- them fascinate. Ukrainian president has already open to -- his position to one of your opposition leaders. And it was ten -- I think that the momentum fervent changes in government that could have pacified the protest this has cost. I think they Ukrainian president now has still been substantially more. And then seem -- resignation of his time and instead of just. Happened out and I mean to me that to me how we gonna see imagine see elections in. I think EO position. Feels like in Bolton went there recent achievements and that they went so. Good sure that they can seem to present that found that they can pound deal for -- to take the prime missed his position. Sitting. They be -- weighing the from the current standoff. Which has very highways. Violence. Probably two. Seek a peaceful solution and that would be any elections I think it hasn't been. As -- running out of options and and her family for him and for the sake of the safety of many Ukraine's citizens safe to -- friends and the election. Yeah soon to be seen these emergency elections. But secondly they can be held within a mountain and -- -- it's really have filed. Striking. An agreement with -- position that these countries in London and in his step son of the president. Another bit -- also the World Economic Forum when it -- to its promise us as. -- basically Ukraine can't have it both ways do you agree isn't and what's the solution for Ukraine. I think this whole. So that we you rest on the economic problems that Ukraine pants. And ironic -- Atlantic current president has found. Immediate short term remedy and -- -- -- form of congressional aides. But that the default for mining and Ukrainian economy needs that we need lots of painful reforms. And I really. Have to see what field position -- -- things -- guy. And city crane is have to decide whether they want to go with European Union and I -- and take really painful reforms on board. Or go with the Russian. Eight which has no. Painful strings attached but -- -- -- Of course I'll listen to discuss the emergency debate taking place as we speak what do you expect to come out from that debates. I think. Initially that the current government will probably try to listen. I mean very harsh. And I protest Google's. That triggers that recent wave of violence in defense case. They'll go from being tried to see that as something government reshuffle face a very difficult situation everything readings about. Strike a compromise the Anthony from his situation. And you would require statesmanship from the -- prison and on them in this in the government. To find a solution. To fit and that kind of spending which is today dangers. I thank you very much have to get that EA legs out from that level inside as saying that as a house offered to resign is too little too lakes. I'm -- on this is what is.

Ukraine PM offers to quit over protests

Tuesday, Jan 28, 2014 - 03:50

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