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Breakingviews: Paul Allen’s biggest win since Microsoft

Monday, Feb 03, 2014 - 02:37

Feb. 3 - Rob Cox and Robert Cyran discuss whether the software giant’s co-founder finally regained a touch for positive returns after his Seattle Seahawks clinched its first Super Bowl championship.

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Well that was one heck of a Super Bowl so a huge huge defeat for the Denver Broncos. But it big win for the Seahawks and not just for the Seahawks and their fans but their owner Paul Allen who we once dubbed the accidental billionaire for all the money he made. As one of the Bill Gates -- first partners that Microsoft. And then he seems to do almost everything he touched seemed to turn to it to its excellent idea rights -- yet Charter Communications and RC in this. Big cable company's ultimate bankrupt which is now the news now because John Malone isn't. It's that -- out of bankruptcy and turned into this consolidators but so so Paula on though. He did pretty darn well that's why he did really well he invests in a 194 million and I think is 97 and it because Forbes estimated the Seahawks as it will recover billion dollars that before they want and and yeah dominate your real Super Bowl you bristle at Aston you're worth a lot more from merchandising for you know for broadcast rights the right things. So he's done extremely well and and it was it seemed to be this is another investment where he just kind of backed into it it. You don't even have like captain Kirk's arms and hit his 414 foot got with the yellow submarine the Jimi Hendrix Shia shrine temple and -- down. I think addresses -- lifestyle but rather well let's -- they market the -- there and you've got -- -- -- like guitars and boats and and start -- -- of course why not football and we -- of course said -- trail -- -- the NBA and that's an extremely well as -- right that's -- not quite as well I think it's -- about five -- right. Nothing tangible quite like this and he gets on investments that. He's good he's done a few that -- nobody even the ones that are really good that we're kind of lake. Clinton better like for instance he was invested AOL and need he backed out with a with a small profit but if you held -- -- the -- because. Had a couple more billion from -- forty billion dollars if they wealth -- Time Warner stock it doesn't -- -- had done well especially in the past few years it seems like he's got some more professional investors in. But he manages in their kind of scaling and a -- -- I think they've done some they've done well there and he also investments and start that potentially could do well but this is this is the one of the ones that's gonna rank affairs is probably one is that this -- yeah and and it's probably the one that brings in the most you know if I did not joy he would enjoy. Plus it gets everyone in Seattle's all of the guys yeah power and authority yet and if the 1% are here pitchforks from after the and he won't be -- and now he's got the -- When football team our thanks rob will be back -- this and more breaking news later.

Breakingviews: Paul Allen’s biggest win since Microsoft

Monday, Feb 03, 2014 - 02:37

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