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Breakingviews: Ryanair needs to speed-up charm offensive

Monday, Feb 03, 2014 - 04:16

Feb. 3 - Revenue at the low-cost airline has stalled, plunging the group to a heavy Q3 loss. But shares are up, and investors are putting a lot of faith in the company’s ‘be nice’ strategy.

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So is Ron as new strategy really working CEO Michael O'Leary witnesses as the low cost airline reports its biggest loss in five years. And why -- is still lat least bad among UK bank stocks Chris uses what is great news to me edits -- and joins me. Well I don't ride that there's a post of its own looking ahead -- strong -- bookings. But that the stock prices up. Pretty decently today. Why the markets during a slightly different. We'll go look from a run its day is this is this not sorts of things being pretty a few months ago. I have some real pressure on the on the fans let's hope they reckon you. And plunged -- into this loss. Remember back in November and as the real soft on the -- -- that plummets it. But house come back since and then it's been another. Big jump in the sense that they because. Investors clearly. Believe. The slight change of tack. In and Ryan it is going into the live and I -- actually have the proof of that in the numbers yet but that the best support -- go for it. That is the management is it is isn't changing is gone and I would have -- you. No negative so. You'd think that putting too much faith in the changed. We'll let you don't have the evidence that is gonna what's the basis of the competitive industry this is says the -- law that says. Trenton with the parable arbitration to that easyJet view of runners up front and related but. It's still have asked that the move us. So far the market is saying that it's it's it's gonna come right we haven't seen yet. Okay let's let's talk about Lloyd's you say the next stage privatization can be brought yet the big thing here is that no -- write something -- and my. That's right I mean this is dealing. If things are sponsoring. The common good the lord's. Although it is struggling. To put the -- behind that. What one point eight. Billion in -- of -- nearly -- Indians clearly more he's been selling reasons. And as you say the news dividend being paid out of 2013 innings. Say the in that the the prospect of rate chunky dividends as big of that that that the that the other out. But still you know. When you look in the UK -- assets which. Theoretically it would require -- -- got a strong UK economy economy are now coming through you can Plaxico awakening disposed of that putt. And you look around and it. Lot of banks have got problems but. It's the -- go pics she's cute she's oil buying keeps coming out news. Now -- most values though -- all in the selling out the strategy. The market positions got very very credible very. -- you can see. That the president the future. And you have probably have more faith you know Lawrence is going to be in the end it is time and this is sort of a boot off from saying everything is set it it that the cost of the policy he called rocking. That the strategy the market position that. And while you're paying for it to pay your premium valuation for collectively together what went when they Henry stop payouts. Always looking probably. You know it -- thrown that this US territory about what they -- pay for for -- 2014 site. Now that that is enough that's enough the nearest. Did not hear from many of it's his -- to all of us go cause problems. Barclays did commit. To some very very attractive dividends when it. Went it's its rights issue. We'll see whether we need the liberal on the is but -- news -- is the site because it's honestly -- on the you can market the economy recovering from strongly. When it did come through you know. -- who lost to Chris and thanks. I have for more generous heading inside watch our US breaking news show everyday atrocities and 1730 GMT. -- -- -- --

Breakingviews: Ryanair needs to speed-up charm offensive

Monday, Feb 03, 2014 - 04:16

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