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The farm game's new rules

Thursday, Feb 06, 2014 - 01:28

For decades, farmers could count on a check from the federal government, even if they didn't plant a seed. Now, Congress has scrapped the old system, requiring farmers to actually grow crops to get paid.

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Congress is changing the rules of the farm game. Under current law millions of farmers who raise corn wheat and other major crops are protected. Against calamities like droughts and storms but also against. Roller coaster rides for the crops they grow since the 1990s government has made direct payments to farmers have a bond. Yet it's. Good times okay disclosure if you grow fruits vegetables or raise livestock your life. -- your grain farmer was safe 500 acres of custody and soybeans you get -- check from uncle sand every used based on the -- historical acreage. Even if bumper crops of silos bursting at the -- What if a farmer takes the summer -- and plans nothing news coverage. Farmers get federal subsidies even if they keep their land on plane -- as long as it remains part of the farm. A government report found more than 2000 farms through no crops at all for five years and they still receive government payments. The new farm bill plows over the old system. God the payments farmers would get no matter what now will have to actually plant crop to get paid. If the crop -- Uncle Sam will open as well but only up to a point. In a really bad year farmers crop insurance will keep -- pave the rest. Okay reality check. It's taxpayers will cover big chunk of the premiums -- that care lawmakers say the new bills is about sixteen billion dollars -- -- me. The bottom line safety net for farmers still very much intact.

The farm game's new rules

Thursday, Feb 06, 2014 - 01:28

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