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Euro Zone 2014: Portugal Deputy PM upbeat on growth

Monday, Feb 10, 2014 - 03:18

Feb. 10 - Portugal Deputy Prime Minister Paolo Portas tells the Reuters Euro Zone 2014 Summit he would not be surprised if growth topped Lisbon's growth forecast for the year as the mood was steadily improving.

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I would be cautious in my and so. Violent finished. Its program in December and announced. The decision. Out to exit from the program in November. 4 movie ends. The -- program in -- We it's not the time. It's not the moments. To. Two. Become public to to to to announce how were the decision. What I know is. Portuguese economy is recovering. We had. Two quarters we've growth. Probably the last quarter of 2015. Also we've -- If you compare it to read the Euro zone a rich. It's good. We. That the Portuguese export sector he's growing and growing. Best year ever in 2013. Also -- -- his best year ever. Didn't you enterprises are growing. And enterprises that these -- He's decreasing. The confidence. Both families consumers. And enterprises. In the best few goes. In the last fourteen months it's. So we left technical recession. And economic gross. Is more and more consistent. If the Portuguese economy. Real growth. Heidi and then as you point eight. I would not be surprised. -- As you know we did Nordic Countries. When you have coalition governments sometimes you have problems but that's the offense is is you have more than one opinion. Since July. The confidence. Feeders. -- growing. And grooving and group. Confidence -- family's. Confidence of consumers. And confidence of business community. The best in the last fourteen months it's soup. Confidence brings confidence. Trust brings trust. And I and I think it's very its size it will. That next wolf exercising for the Portuguese economy in 2014. Ends. He has often. That's been investments in Portugal. -- confidence in port -- is that. So -- I'm I'm completely. Confidence I said it tonight in that got in the in the congress of my -- That -- the government for. Tour. And for the situation.

Euro Zone 2014: Portugal Deputy PM upbeat on growth

Monday, Feb 10, 2014 - 03:18

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