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Breakingviews dissects Barclays

Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014 - 03:24

Feb. 11 - Barclays has cut £196 bln stg from its swollen balance sheet, while sticking to dividend pledges.. Until Barclays can cover its cost of capital in the business, shares deserve to trade at a discount.

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Breaking news columnist George has been dissecting these -- Thomas joins us now to -- what is the free music line column on on the -- story. -- could have -- it he opened today in this. Which is good news team -- we say -- -- -- -- -- TV and Americana and an expert -- -- play Davis cup of eligibility this is an individual cold nosy -- it says. Today the reasoning at the united Cecil. Simple language -- and apple have access. That too cute finesse it we agree. The species is this investment -- the making it -- Still kind of -- political. -- in effect it throwing out. The thing. -- paying investment dismal act yes exactly and I missed by owners issue is going to be what a lot of you'll. Bonuses up -- the investor backed up about 13%. Yet. From -- Yes and publicity. As you say it's it's 110 -- see them and the best defense against. Today. Well it was paying bowl but the point is would they keep making it through it is twenty. It's been settled. If you pay him more and and making west says honestly. You said you use it until they can cover the cost of capital says is that trade at a discount yes I'm -- this -- is right. Well now it would mean little thing ethernet. It's says trainee in Adelaide. The book value of the -- and as a reason for that and it and trade between now if you make your local. And no say that's that's schools. That's -- at the in what we want to -- at some point is he both ankles. And the way these guys have come off an investment in just. And make that revenues. And electronics dental treatment what what's the sense of getting and they need to be careful. Sort of dialogue exactly you've been talking to -- but what's the sense you're getting from from the from the right now. From Jenkins and its people about this time around and Arafat to. Well I think land. Spoke to 2050. -- they need and making it and that it is a cult. And a may date field today home track it and says it cost cutting. That -- to. He's he's comfortable and as well as impressive mr. Barnes -- feel good about it. I think in terms of the -- -- -- reductions he say -- Tuesday could shield. And to be effective in witches and appeasement cool estate sale homeless unemployed while T twenty it seems when they want to say. This is all this that's when new disease also and certainly. I think he's going to. He's just about integrity and school and he needed to balance school. To the all right we will let you write these things in the right place. More on the it's -- -- -- -- his breaking views as if.

Breakingviews dissects Barclays

Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014 - 03:24

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