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Breakingviews: Is SocGen going too fast, too far?

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 - 02:32

Feb. 12 - The French bank will return more money to shareholders in 2014 following a fourth quarter profit. But is SocGen trying to do too much, asks Reuters commentary unit Breakingviews.

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-- tickets and doubling its dividend not to Q4 profit which is a columnist joining me now from breaking he has dominated and it. It's -- actually getting hit -- -- but this did it. Well as dumb as you said has doubled his dividends and we have yet to see big returns for shareholders say. I think the group percent on equity was any four point 4%. That's pretty that I mean. It's like -- -- -- bought -- didn't do anything like to open its dividends and it disappointed yesterday as well exactly so you know that we could say that something's getting a bit ahead of itself because. It's not gonna give. Investors any details on how it's gonna improve. For a time until May excite you I mean we said it would do the first half of this year but. It's not gonna be right to the end of the first of this year. I'm one might suspect that is getting a little ahead of itself an update in -- as important as well because it's excellent to eat -- isn't it. That's why it's going to coincide more or less with 350. Anniversary of Societe Generale -- you might think perhaps that might be a temptation to say. Look at us we've been around for very long time. Now's the time for us to expand aggressively. And if they -- to do that and investors might find another tunnel. And it just didn't wait till then to it to announces doubling of division I guess -- want it may be focused son. Talking about their expansion into places like Russia Romania that. -- -- try and they want to do an investment banking as well and that's quite an old -- that biggest rival BNP Paribas. They put more emphasis on a steady drives -- more organic they have actually BMP or simple to buying that fortifying component but. I was so says it Generale is seems to be more explicitly aggressive strategy. And I think this expansion which is quite an aggressive fashionable at what apple is it too much are they biting off more than they can she. I think you have to be quite -- your thoughts about a minute you're going to expand in Russia Romania and investment banking -- areas that are. A very different I don't see society general house expertise in both retail banking and investment banking that. You could quite quickly get distracted. Interesting we'll see if assumption is gauges stretches of -- photo went that this would be the successful -- before them. -- thanking all and that this switches.

Breakingviews: Is SocGen going too fast, too far?

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 - 02:32

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