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The new world of online dating

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 - 01:47

Feb. 12 - The Internet and technology are helping people find love in unique ways. Sharon Reich reports.

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Still looking for love on-line? Well, if you want a mate with a specific trait, there may just be a dating site dedicated to it.,, Datemypet, TallDating .. even ZombieHarmony just to name a few. Laurie Davis, the author of "Love @ First Click," breaks it down. SOUNDBITE: Laurie Davis, Dating expert, saying: "There are two different types of niche sites. There are niche sites that lead with interest and religion and all this stuff that we're talking about. But there's a new niche that's emerging also. They're leading with technology, they're leading with a different user experience whether it's Facebook connecting and allowing you to see your friends or friends, or whether it's connecting you to Spotify and allowing you to pull in your music into your profile." Music, interests, that's all good. But what about that first impression? It's usually based on photos. So how about a site that scans your photos and recommends someone that looks like you? does just that. SOUNDBITE: Chip Sleeper, COO of, saying (English): "If you think about it, we do this on every dating website that we go to. We look at the pictures first and you scroll through the pictures and you try to see where do you feel some chemistry. Where are you attracted. And that is really fundamental what we do. We find those people to whom we think you're going to be most attractive based on facial characteristics." Michelle Maffia says it worked for her. She found her last boyfriend on the site. SOUNDBITE: Online dating site user Michelle Maffia saying (English): "I thought he was really handsome. And I thought well let me just meet him before I make that decision for sure, because you never know with a picture. But when I met him I was immediately attracted to him." But in the end, the true measure of success is being able to turn that online attraction into offline love.

The new world of online dating

Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 - 01:47

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