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Reuters Breakingviews: BNP's German opportunity

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 - 02:08

Feb. 13 - Buying a stake in Commerzbank would jazz up BNP Paribas' uninspiring strategy, says Breakingviews.

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Thank you get this done -- and strategy with me now is a dummy and it from breaking views. The crux of this mean it is it having him behind at some -- thanks Johnny's operations they can expand. Being -- time eyes sensitive that it doesn't want to buy the whole of -- I guess about a kennel -- plots. B and Qatar are is also trying to expand in Germany as one of the few places that it's pretty -- A big expansion plan left in Europe could otherwise it sort of thinking about. North America for its investment bank and Asia Pacific for its its wealth business. But some you know buying a little bit of -- -- -- the whole thing in Germany would be exactly Walt's been -- Barbara wants. Do you think they can do this at 515 every song let me regarding. Asset quality review a lot of things -- am also a company today reported a seventeen -- Percent drop in -- office. There's a lot of obstacles I mean you've got to have the asset quality review on the stress test for us Commerzbank is an improving all the time and amendments -- It may not feel that it sent acquisition target that if there's. -- of full in the stress tests and by some reason commas thank tells actually fail. Then the question will be raised what happens to your comments buying and selling some of its operations could help -- to raise capital and BNP Paribas as. You know one of Europe's very biggest banks would be an obvious used to. What else can BM PG issues to expand its operations and and create new profit pops but it's been talking about bolt on acquisitions of smaller acquisitions when necessary and otherwise it. Wants to do Gallic growth. The strategy so far that it came out with today -- with some details of this new strategy. It's not particularly ambitious it's a bit underwhelming to say investors didn't really like they sent shares down about 5%. This is one way that it can do something to -- got up and jazzed it up.

Reuters Breakingviews: BNP's German opportunity

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 - 02:08

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