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Breakingviews: UK floods are extreme, but this ain’t Katrina

Friday, Feb 14, 2014 - 03:15

Feb. 14 - Extreme weather has forced the UK government to reverse spending cuts on flood defences, but the country is still a long way from the expensive cleanups of Hurricane Katrina.

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Do you -- having another problem within its banks. It's river banks at least that's what separating you seem to think I'm from a horrible you down and -- To the -- somebody -- it will result blustery out -- but aside so -- out there I've got to say well what I'm what's the point you're making you pleased about the weather in the UK it's not as bad as the -- Well what -- -- -- bad in the in London area you can say it's not a gripe is holding in. We in the east and the London -- I -- -- -- that zoo with the investment is denied that he. In the barrier down the river from him but you -- deployment making everything. Clearly this is really unpleasant -- all the people in the west country. Dan rivers of the seven of them why -- I'm content must really make is that some -- let's not so much are right let's put it in context is not a horrible history this is an all night. Yeah yeah enormous amounts of money that had -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- you need New Orleans. One point one billion is one -- say it's gonna cost the UK. Right now. I think it was -- five -- because of Katrina passed just an adequate and I think you know there are going to be some really serious. Losers for this. I didn't you know one of the -- least bring some money as a result of course -- commendable assessment around because -- -- put out the inevitable that to -- for the lost month. It's odd to know what anyone -- you know it looked like this down below parole. This has our money and breaking views of -- and -- -- -- and one of those issues that comes to countries you'll get really really excited about it you know we've bricks. Whether results speciality you know if we forget -- and Smart about whether Bayern -- we must move move move on but let's keep in context I think. I was trying to avoid this pond but it's gonna blow -- Beat by the government -- example is pretty bad news. The environment agency in the government and the bickering that's -- -- absolutely you know I mean it seems to me that what we need from this dog -- you know the environment agency that governments like. And does. This comes out let's keep this in context let's not yet let's hope the people who really need to help stop that -- currently open. And I think that you know -- A little bit -- steady -- as steady minds in this riveting months. Would have been very well all right I'm just of his with a mean -- the British media are saying this is very very bad for the British media things. Entries coming along breaking news of course being concern is saying is constantly bombing items as the latest off of it's organizers try to update on his -- countries -- going. Brits we complain a bit like. It's on its -- actual -- -- million if it wasn't just the right thing you know everyone's talking anything. We -- there's new -- boy yeah. There's too much snow on the old. You know there's a retailing is awesome because market that we we didn't buy it well and as a -- I don't want -- list of people who are suffering because it really. Isn't.

Breakingviews: UK floods are extreme, but this ain’t Katrina

Friday, Feb 14, 2014 - 03:15

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