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Breakingviews: Vivendi’s SFR top target for French cable king

Monday, Feb 17, 2014 - 03:50

Feb. 17 - SFR, France’s No. 2 mobile operator, would be the biggest and best target for Patrick Drahi, says Breakingviews. And in time, he could also pursue the Portuguese and Israeli equivalent.

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-- just hateful things and recently our company that is investment vehicle all -- Is a balance a look at a lot of acquisitions in many countries -- Quentin -- covers side emanate from breaking views. And -- equipment what what what is the biggest deal he could be looking at right now. Well I'm Patrick -- he is probably keen to do a deal with Vivendi -- so far which the second biggest. My golfing company and from spending has sent that they can suspend the sack. To shareholders that reinventing themselves at least it kind of media and telecoms communications conglomerate wants -- kind of narrow. Media company and a -- doesn't sit very. Comfortably within that business but for Patrick driving these -- vehicle intend. Controls -- -- the big French cable company. Putting America -- and some thoughts together would create a brilliant. Integrated it's called play -- -- was fun and snaps TV ample but would it make sense to Vivendi. Texas senator -- it's all about price I think I mean. They probably think it did in the sense to be easy to spin it that let the market decide what the value is because remember. French may involve -- in a very bad spots of them I'm in this for the long points for which another company called India and kick started to and so do. The value which investors want to place on the business like so -- which only -- friends my ball is going to be quite a load so maybe it's dry heat and -- -- incredible story of how he'll get very big synergies seem -- to get three billion euros worth of synergies. And he could Shas and the synergies from sellers that might be more -- OK so you think back as it is and that's on top of special access to. I mean you also say these towns have five to attend all the prospects in an existing markets I mean just give us a little taste as some of that -- here. Deals that we might see in this place from Russia the case say he has to take me back how -- in Israel way his halts. Services face a big cable company and in my book company that should be few. Mobile companies DOD columnist for the -- equal partner on networks airing say maybe one day they can be mention on the to. I mean he's very big in Portugal he should get they get there is a come nichols' own optimists which is tax -- is spelled out some holes to go into an -- and maybe. -- -- target he could push into northern Spain whether some smaller. Cable companies he could get bigger and Belgium and by. -- the -- -- -- -- the list goes on it's quite match against someone coming to market with such economy explicit trust me I'm gonna guarantee. Tons of deals and so on trying to kind of how many tablets and they steals my right hand and just just the finish with -- as as as someone who am. Keeps a very -- sound or this activity in Europe for breaking news. What what should general sense of the market right now I am -- we we seem to be hearing. Of more and more activity and the people you talk to the companies you talk to arm as this is the momentum building enough. I'm sure there is moments and yes I mean I think people are still so instead of doing things that thing. Look like -- structuring of the sort of you know you require its channels to take a leap of faith. Under this anymore activity in -- was a year or two ago and there's a -- Other markets on the option market coming back and that helps to doctrinal systems that. Countless activity -- many things from Akron where I was so it keeps America's on the eminent rocket. However what is breaking news that's it for me if you watch our US show twelve birdies in seventeen says -- GMT every -- IMAX Acropolis sources.

Breakingviews: Vivendi’s SFR top target for French cable king

Monday, Feb 17, 2014 - 03:50

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