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Cuddles for cash

Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014 - 01:42

Feb. 19 - New York woman cuddles people for $80 an hour. Sharon Reich reports.

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Meet the Big Apple's first professional cuddler. For a mere $80 an hour, Ali C. will spoon and snuggle with you in her studio apartment. SOUNDBITE: Ali C, founder of "Cuddle U NYC," saying (English): "Love is an action, love is actually touch. We know now that we have these receptors in our skin and that transfers all sorts of information into our brain, particularly when we are a developing infant, and a young child up to the age of three. There is no reason to think that need ever goes away for touch, because it doesn't." Since she started "Cuddle U NYC" last November, Ali has seen more than 30 clients - both male and female. Sessions can take place on the floor, bed or sofa. Ali says she encourages a little bit of talking, but the most common side effect of spooning is tears... She says many clients are vulnerable and experience an emotional release caused by the increase of pleasure hormones a hug can bring on. SOUNDBITE: Ali C, founder of "Cuddle U NYC," saying (English): "It could be that they are just going through something right now that's extremely stressful, say it is work or school. My very first client was in the middle of finals and his girlfriend had just broken up with him. So they just need to be comforted because of whatever life experience that they are going through." Cuddle U NYC offers packages that range from a basic one-hour snuggle, to the "Movie and a Cuddle" package for $200 (USD). But services only include hugging. Ali screens clients in advance and makes sure they know that sexual touching is prohibited. While $80 may seem like a lot for an hour-long hug, what's that saying ... you cant put a price on happiness.

Cuddles for cash

Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014 - 01:42

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