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Big thaw prompts flooding fears

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 - 01:15

Feb. 20 - From the Midwest to the Northeast, residents are preparing for possible flooding from major thaw after heavy snow. Linda So reports.

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Crews are using dynamite to blow up ice along a river in Michigan. The controlled explosions a proactive step to prevent flooding as warmer temperatures melt mounds of snow and ice. SOUNDBITE: BETTY MCGEE, MICHIGAN RESIDENT, SAYING: "We were in Florida a couple of weeks ago and my husband was so worried that we were gonna get flooded, and he's gotta go home and get some insurance out on the house." In Illinois, water from the snow melt is already pooling on the streets and sidewalks. And it's only expected to get worse with rain headed to the region. SOUNDBITE: DAVE STONEBACK, EVANSTON UTILITIES DIRECTOR, SAYING: "With the amount of rain forecast and with the ground frozen, we believe that the ground won't absorb it. It's going to run overland. That's going to cause street flooding." The city of Evanston is advising residents to clear storm drains and their gutter downspouts to help with roof runoff. SOUNDBITE: KATIE NORDINE, EVANSTON RESIDENT, SAYING: "I will. I mean I'm due any day with my next baby. I'll get my husband on it right away." In Buffalo, New York, people are loading up on sand bags to keep the melting snow from getting into their homes. SOUNDBITE: UNIDENTIFIED NEW YORK RESIDENT, SAYING: "Well everybody's on edge right now so hopefully it won't happen." The Buffalo police water team cut holes into the river to keep the water flowing. And this boat was deployed to break up the ice to make way for the meltdown.

Big thaw prompts flooding fears

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 - 01:15

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