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Breakingviews: BAE investors shoot now, question later

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 - 03:33

Feb. 20 - Europe's largest defence contractor spooked shareholders with a gloomy 2014 outlook. But Breakingviews says the nine percent share slump is overdone.

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On today's breaking these softening somewhat bleak outlook for disease systems. Investors do -- Europe's largest defense contracts that. British defense company B he is as a finally agrees pricing with Saudi Arabia on as long delayed -- -- to type in jet. The new sold shares jumped 4% to an -- trading Wednesday to a two month high as 455 pence. But today any shares have moved down was due to this George haven which is breaking he's -- says -- Anderson joins me now George. Think he's joining me looking at the share price reaction would you say that this is an overreaction. Who we think too we think it may be because Adam was scaled -- them. You know the investors are looking closely at the time. For next year and that's saying. Well look we could be -- attempts and opens. Taxes that's a big deal announced that -- -- as anything -- feet in the immediate reaction. What we would say is kind of they're off tees and pulls into the political -- that you had yesterday because increases. I'm about his kidneys will be -- operations in the Middle East regions that'd be in the US that he can -- in the Middle East as well. And I think. Basil Basil says kind of thought health official effective this this one off impact of the do you make done which hasn't come. Deal that would each of which were announced yesterday I still have a big. One off effects on me he is results. And let cool before the fourth and central mixed -- audio visual because it's a big. Speaking of big jump this year that ultimately create a -- unit to a bigger than the ones that tool makes -- -- as -- a -- things you know. Yes and of course. As you as you mentioned in this listening hunt isn't needed so the -- is George are we going to see investors piled back into the -- given that BE is. A very diversified company an international press release. Price increases. You know them so it'd be meeting the appointment really used this that's vehicle. It even -- to think that the that was announced this year and yet it makes you he's them. Is a long term trend that they would they would come back Cain but I. We just feel it says that. An argument to say. Look UB US defense that's -- -- -- -- hospital term trend and amazing. BA is taking some steps and see -- fiscal space to see what we've done in Portsmouth in the tank. And then just been very factor again I would reiterate the fact that. Fail making some kind of headway in the Middle East if they weren't able to proceed these -- increased -- proposed increase yesterday. And that -- -- -- -- a little bit and then -- be harder to kind of say well. You know look on the bright side but he's been keeping an even special counsel AppleTV that it be some that should be some kind of people coming back and. Right -- got to leave it marital -- me say I'm breaking piece suit George K shares fell today immigration visas. Stunts as perhaps it was David done by Estes. Coolidge and assessing financial inside to watch the US breaking each and every day at twelve that the east and seventeen -- -- MT. I'm managing along switches.

Breakingviews: BAE investors shoot now, question later

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 - 03:33

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