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Steven Price's guide through 'Gravity' score

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 - 01:51

Feb 20 - A look at how the BAFTA winning score for 'Gravity' was put together by British composer Steven Price. Rough cut - no narration

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ROUGHT CUT (NO NARRATION) STORY: "Gravity" was the big winner at the BAFTAs on February 16th, picking up six awards for the space survival thriller which has pushed the boundaries of 3-D production and special effects. The production may be bold, but its now BAFTA-winning score producer, Steven Price is anything but. He admits his neighbours in London have no idea what he does for a living and when he picks up his children from school, most of the other parents assume he's unemployed - and that's the way he likes it. However, that could all change when he attends the Oscars as Price has an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Score. The composer, whose previous composition work includes "Attack the Block" and "The World's End", worked closely with the film's director Alfonso Cuaron to create the soundtrack but even in its initial stages, both realised there was an issue. 'Gravity' follows medical engineer turned inexperienced astronaut Ryan Stone who finds herself fighting for her life in outer space. However, at times, because of tragedies in her life, she struggles to find reasons to live. Price admitted that the storyline helped create the central musical theme of the movie. And he also admits that Sandra Bullock acted as his muse on the soundtrack. Although Price's composition was eventually orchestrated, a lot of the sounds used in the soundtrack were created through experimentation in the small sound-proofed studio at the side of his modest house. For example, he would rub a metal block against an electric guitar to achieve a specific sound used to create tension. When Price won his BAFTA, he also discovered his next job as composer was now confirmed, when Edgar Wright tweeted that evening "Huge congrats to @SteveBPrice for his Bafta Award for the 'Gravity' score. I guess I should drop the news that he is scoring 'Ant-Man'." Currently, Steven Price is favourite with UK bookies to win the Oscar but nothing is for certain. The announcement will be made when the Academy Awards air on March 2.

Steven Price's guide through 'Gravity' score

Thursday, Feb 20, 2014 - 01:51

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