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Better rulers, lots of cash - EBRD chief on Ukraine's needs

Monday, Feb 24, 2014 - 02:45

Feb. 24 - Ukraine needs better government, less corruption, and plenty of cash to help close its funding gap, says EBRD President Sir Suma Chakrabarti.

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The turmoil in Ukraine has many international bodies are reconsidering their operations in the country. Joining me now is he beyond the chiefs of him attack about the fast talking to us today you've scaled back can you train underneath but not suspended -- what you need to see to get operations by tomorrow. Fundamentally structural reform. A fight against corruption and better -- those -- things that we talked about bills and you know Imus program in my view in place as well help for the macroeconomic stability. Beyond that proving -- to jump in just now they write to hesitate -- -- -- -- the beginning and that I think the IMF will be thinking about what sort of programming should have. Given the macroeconomic situation. And -- the -- is Ukraine very quickly minority -- into us and LA times for institutions. And -- diamond is wary. Imus -- -- tangible commitment. -- -- -- -- just the justice mostly of the new government to be issued Sunday for the Russians have a question him as you might expect. What is your take on the legitimacy of the people were running the country and well we need to have a discussion about balancing test institutions most of the people who are running the country we've happen on a child's view that obviously gotten over the weekend. So that's summing we look forward to come and solve them presence. Of course that's awesome to be an option to hit the you to -- initiative and if they do that and I have to back that was money. How much money do they need to put in now to to get you crank through his attraction between north and excitement and in Europe we -- we simply don't know I think to be silly for me to speculate. What say I'm happy to do first hole because it lead to discuss about. The size of the financing gap in Ukraine is to work counts we want the size of them got phase with the reforms will helpful on the gap. And then -- through additional finance isn't quite as well. And European Union and ourselves and others rule that part of so it just in the day estimates that the total cost must have gone up since -- -- -- well I would I would assume that decides the financing of his and we launch whatever it is. And wanted to speculate but it's basement on to oversee. Given the situation. Are you betting on default and nobody won anything for now I think we need to see that is a really good reform program in place which would I hope I'm economic -- -- come in and prevent default. What about the Russian -- did you think -- agents of -- the the agreement they had does is that businesses. Thanks so we get we simply don't know who what the position will be having me again odd for me to speculate when we have the chance to the Russian. Authorities movie on this. I'll be disappointed look on in the coming weeks aren't thank -- and children today. That was legality presents us -- the -- -- -- told the media in London for instance on -- in -- point.

Better rulers, lots of cash - EBRD chief on Ukraine's needs

Monday, Feb 24, 2014 - 02:45

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