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Breakingviews: Ukraine - the bailout Europe can’t shirk

Monday, Feb 24, 2014 - 02:36

Feb. 24 - After triggering President Yanukovich’s exit, the EU has a responsibility to help Ukraine’s dire economy. It won’t provide all the $20 billion, but it can help the IMF while calming Russian anger.

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On today's breaking these get a -- is gonna can be EU bracket the deal that triggered the industry -- and it's a responsibility to help Ukraine with the -- economic consequences says breaking views. And it hot S which is breaking news economic Edison joins me now. -- It's tell us the benefit for the EU what is the main aim at the Kiev to join the -- well. Pure real song written piece says exactly that -- that the ultimate goal should be -- for Ukraine. To become a member of the UY. Well Europe's could place and Ukraine is part of your traditionally at least. Some of it is historically. And it would be good for the region's peace and ultimately for its prosperity now -- a long way from membership -- -- they were very very long way. The countries to court doesn't have any of the institutions that are needed but it should be the framework for negotiations from here. Most of -- numbers as well because Ukraine. Given his die economy needs help it needs a lot of money to get things going again to get the motor is running to tip two up build up the economy. The EU congress -- provides all of the twenty billion and now it looks like Ukraine saying it needs 55 billion. Yeah I think I edited this morning -- 120 billion sounded close -- within a few minutes it's up to 35 and will probably be closer to fifty by the time we're done because. This country's turning to huge deficits its budget deficit and straight -- that are each about 810% of GDP. If the Russians who have been supporting her promise to support the country withdraw their support. In the numbers comprise more. And it's gonna take several years this is in the country in very bad condition it's gonna take several years before it can reach towards balance. So we're talking about a quite large. Amount of money by -- standards for rescue fund. And -- kids the money come from what makes so we looking at it's too early to say what kind but the basically -- International Monetary Fund is that the place Hugo. Four. For this kind of thing in and they -- -- actually. Here to do it and if you presents some of the money and works on the framework and works with the Russians this could be great success. Right. An interesting space like China and would how to ask that from breaking views. Full agenda setting financial insights what do you esprit TV show every day. At twelve says he Easton seventy teen says he GMT I imagine all this choices.

Breakingviews: Ukraine - the bailout Europe can’t shirk

Monday, Feb 24, 2014 - 02:36

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