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Breakingviews: Russian asset freeze talk is empty rhetoric

Tuesday, Mar 04, 2014 - 04:06

Mar. 4 - The U.S. and Europe consider an asset freeze to punish Putin’s actions in Crimea. Breakingviews says they should address banks’ eagerness to accept shady money from Russia instead.

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How good night did -- freeze on the west and assets of Russian officials let's. Put that -- breaking views yet kansans written piece about this. I'm is -- something that can work. No I think it's it's a red herrings -- of rubbish it will not happen anyway and it shouldn't happen. Because amid the talks of course are too -- and no no -- means it yet the series a series -- proposed it. But which it's the data with the Ukraine we've talked about slapping sanctions freezing the assets of the the oligarchs were friendly to new regime this is one thing is to freeze the assets of the encourage families totally being done in Switzerland and Austria. Another thing is to decide which gonna go out is exactly -- of the regime mr. when they switched. But agencies that so prosperous it's just yet so I get second second we believe in the rule of real. There's no such thing in western countries and -- -- -- we would like Russia -- -- to -- -- very eager for ratcheted up. There's no such thing as collective guilt. We cannot sloppy cannot decide that the Russians. What will what is it everyone with a worsening that is a -- benefits but am I might I don't write in saying that loss week. A number of European countries. I think Austria was one of them started looking at. Or might even have frozen the assets of some some -- -- yeah. The original -- but not just you know which for some some some of them but. Well not exactly the -- that's impossible to do because it again you cannot say. He's responsible for what for being a friend for having a friend for any -- on being a friend with some of them cousin of Yanukovich. Same thing -- with the rest of the most. Male candidates -- sensible thing and it has been done it's OK let's just look at government ministers from the parliament which have total proved. -- operations in Ukraine. Even then. Kristobal sense of putting. They -- if you if you a year ago. Theoretically new government in the sentinel deputies is supposed to have. Assets in the West Hills and house who was being Russia so how do you find him we know there are still there but I do find that OK so not legal not fat. As far as Wilkinson risk of backfiring what's your values are what what what about them and you suggest this annual -- addressing the core of the problem which is. No exception because you lost money in the first place well there is -- Lebanese I think the real issues from the beginning of the last twenty years West Bank city of London in particular. Have not been very demanding as to the origin of money knicks have to account. The book from companies and from individuals and really -- human reason -- Russia has. And and putting has has has been reasonably dying on on the west. Room. It's hoped to with a soft approach to to relationship reverse is that. They don't respect thing that the country that accepts any money whatever it is. Well it whether it comes from graft corruption the -- of national resources. The expropriation and -- you cost us a tour member of the Buick company from the time of confiscated -- the unlawful expropriation of assets in Russia it's still gets -- In western banks and in the city in particular and the really -- tortoise -- you address that and then. And I and match and as a correspondent in Moscow which used to be for long time ago I was -- -- you'll do you work. Following some of -- money trying to -- some of this money well this -- I had the time the Zogby poll Russian money even existed. Pigs in the senate and then went to money that was money -- yet has always right thanks to get gas often breaking news. If you are what are you -- -- cities and 1730 GMT IMAX -- -- sources.

Breakingviews: Russian asset freeze talk is empty rhetoric

Tuesday, Mar 04, 2014 - 04:06

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