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Geneva Motor Show: Car designers rediscover their mojo

Wednesday, Mar 05, 2014 - 02:25

Mar. 5 - Car design is getting bolder again as manufacturers find that conservative looks are a turn off for buyers. Julian Satterthwaite reports from the Geneva Car Show.

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-- because all getting older. The -- -- this looks like the concept car but we actually hit showrooms soon. The funky plastic solar panels can be changed if you have a minus right or just fancy a change of color. The Citron it's a case of rediscovering its -- -- The company once known for cutting its designs like the DS of the 1960s. Became more conservative over the years and so its sales draw. Now companies try to revive sales with a rediscovered designed plan it's not alone. -- those new to windows acute small called on supports systems -- -- SO walls to study to. -- hopes it will make a huge success of Fiat designed driven 500. The renegade shows that even suvs you make a Jeep is trying to produce a four by four that looks a little different. Ultimate analyst -- that he says the Ford Fiesta is a good result of how it is going to change the fortunes. -- top management side he's on his face top hospitals right now has the dynamic -- we'll see. I still don't come back plus he's got any problems -- packaging -- also read an area will find a way of solving them. Number one priority that dynamic will create big bat and the sales take menial work. Really true. -- -- -- -- The design revolution is spreading to some unlikely places. Sweden's Volvo once made -- virtue of being conservative. Now its latest concept called present -- one -- or thing of the cost. Chief -- to -- pencil me Wilson says good looks on now of bigotry. We are trying to -- -- bit more attractive design. Read it to build that tradition. That is so vulnerable in the future to attract and you're customers younger customers I think it's very important. That is efficient and effective design. -- is proof that designed I want one just recitals. Once an import cheap functional calls the brand was revolutionized by formality design and he's just trying to. Is -- vehicles helped sales rise at an annual pace of 20% to -- Kia Motors Europe CO Michael Cole these old law that -- -- as we've attracted to the ground. -- very content that with the quality of the -- that dynamic experiencing. We have a real opportunity to retain -- first time biased the second time buys and kids. If he -- that good design can save a -- company and Citron for one. Will be hoping that it's not too late to repeat the trick.

Geneva Motor Show: Car designers rediscover their mojo

Wednesday, Mar 05, 2014 - 02:25

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