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Breakingviews: StanChart eases capital doubts - just

Wednesday, Mar 05, 2014 - 03:11

Mar. 5 - The emerging market lender fell off its growth pedestal in 2013. Breakingviews argues there is no prospect of an immediate pickup, but robust capital ratios and a higher dividend will help.

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-- -- an annual profits in a -- -- -- -- that's got to be breaking views take on the Summers George -- joints and George rising bad debts goodwill charges turning down -- and by the supposed to in this news. Yeah I mean I think you can see what the market market's initial reaction was to -- -- says to you know cynical. And that's the what he's an easy to his old team -- and the reason guys probably. They. Santo comment that he certainly today and say we did the they said we didn't have the -- -- -- an upset in the hospitals -- still casts a PP percent betting its future on my statement. Well yes that's quite big thing for him I mean people would expect it to back penalties and police in that time. And see the most news. To make it difficult -- that he's kind of pennies and colors -- most of the racing capital. And this Phoenix team then -- -- -- -- -- obvious that will have a low. -- -- -- -- if you -- that and we've made that you'll with the mom you've you've you've thing for the time being Kenyan capital gracious to him dividend. They want me to both of you mean one thing easily and slightly increased dividend of custody of their review board -- and -- Nothing is balls and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- both of who we Clooney ladies Catholics it was science tremendously complex but basically the one that -- look that. About ten point 1% since. Rated syndicated. West and so so Altman's that it. That would indicated needs is a woman by the beat believe he continues to band tinkering do it because of who spends goes completely. In the foreign -- with him in Edmonton mall -- I am a member of. Back in January speaking to Peter sands and and travels quite testy actually I was practicing since is it was it was about his it was about that FT piece that was -- that he. He said he hadn't read he -- was complete rubbish is his words but he said to me than the banks and then this is a quite the banks in very good shape. Got a very clear strategy we've got a great team to buy that. I would say they've. Cold enough team away especially now of course they who'd arranged at the right -- their -- and it. They've and other basically agreement and we'll but they are the critical point is that they always basically. -- they've taken goes against them you speak of the central banks of the world get it -- And in money flows that are emerging markets fail completely please and there's nothing we know things they control -- to defend themselves. Ultimately it's. That phase in the lap of the Central Bank problems that I think has the wrong way to disasters. Yeah it was such an absolute. -- and things that George had a just a quick inside sense of that thinking on standard chartered go to withdraw US preview show at 12:30 eastern seventeen -- GMT. -- -- -- -- -- --

Breakingviews: StanChart eases capital doubts - just

Wednesday, Mar 05, 2014 - 03:11

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