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Sushi chef serves up itsy bitsy sushi

Friday, Mar 07, 2014 - 01:11

Mar. 6 - A sushi chef in Tokyo has perfected the art of making sushi using only one grain of rice. Alicia Powell reports.

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It is often said it is the little things in life that give pleasure. For Hironori Ikeno, and his Tokyo restaurant called Nohachi, it's these really tiny pieces of sushi. More like a scientist than a sushi chef, he has been crafting these itty bitty edibles for over a decade using just one grain of rice. (SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) SUSHI CHEF, HIRONORI IKENO, SAYING: "I actually started this whole thing from a joke with a customer whom I served a miniscule sushi to and I started to wonder how tiny I could make it." Each piece takes fives minutes to create versus one minute for its larger cousin. Despite their diminutive size, these sushi minis still pack a lot of flavor says regular customer, Hisako Okamoto. (SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) REGULAR CUSTOMER, HISAKO OKAMOTO, SAYING: "The white-flesh fish had grated Japanese radish and chilli which gave it that spicy kick. Each grain of rice actually had quite a distinct taste." Ikeno usually makes the miniature pieces for only children, couples and foreigners...who might want to order some regular sushi or risk going home a bit hungry.

Sushi chef serves up itsy bitsy sushi

Friday, Mar 07, 2014 - 01:11

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