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Heliostat spreads light into darkest city corners

Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014 - 04:00

Mar. 12 - Architects in Sydney, Australia have found a way to light up a part of the city that was once perpetually dark, hidden from the sun by tall buildings. They've done it by capturing the sunshine, and bouncing it between buildings with an architectural device called a heliostat. Lester Ranby reports.

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As the sun rises on the Sydney Australia it's race will be captured in a very unusual way. A new building on the skyline features a dramatic horizontal platform. Which houses the collection of -- known as -- -- a -- It re directs the light of the sun and channels into an area of the city that receives notice from side. Tyson laying out from the Rockefeller group was delayed structural engineer on the project. Generally speaking. On prejudice you use the sun. He's the -- to actually deliver you lost this project essentially. Was the architect saying the some. Is not in the -- fought for us so we're gonna -- guys I -- some in the sky where we want it. Hillary is that involves an array -- -- sitting across two buildings in a residential apartment complex known as one cent. The sunlight throw strikes mirrors on the roof of the -- ability and his reflected went to the curious -- on the viability. The -- into thanks downwind to eliminate a plaza and -- public park in what was formerly an industrial area. It also shines through the roof of the building below to hear these steps to feel an indoor shopping center with natural light. When we did research on -- stats that are being used on buildings in the past. We found a few that relied on what being reflective wants but and I but he has into. Try to reflect lives off two buildings into phones place that -- is beyond anything anyone under the truck full. While the up the music fixed tomorrow and here's our own -- runs. I can get attracts the position of the sun and continually adjust the angle that each -- tilts to keep the sunlight directed at the nearest. Tim Phillips company -- fashions designed in the era of race. This is the largest particularly inflation. Here is that anywhere in the world and it's you know making that way this this thing sunlight instead of concentrating. Once central puck building was designed by French architect shown itself. The detailed plans were prepared by Australian -- PTW. And its architect -- dogs. To the concept fool the light that he is stuffed. It wasn't for being reflected the ground. The idea is it's a tough Biloxi if you can imagine walking under -- canopy of trees. When the sun has come down to Helio since 2800. LED lights come alive to form a light show in the night sky. It's inspired by reflections on water. Residents of the building can walk on to the cantilever platform that supports the -- instead. If they chizik gotten area and a spa pool. All suspended -- Keating height above the ground. It presented many engineering challenges. With normal town does that -- strike topic you can build one floor above the other. This talent gets to 35 stories up and then -- the equivalent of twelve stories on guys. To support the -- that the engineers decided to use -- Steel frames arranged in triangular patents to create strength. It's the same technique used to be it's still great just the process can be seen traveling all the way through to the fact that building but I think it. But these symbols of strength and contrast it with things delicate. A vertical content is beginning to grow. And when it takes hold most of the building's walls will be covered in plants. While the -- industrial landscape is turning green. This previously dock area of the city will now be bright thanks to its new son. In the sky.

Heliostat spreads light into darkest city corners

Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014 - 04:00

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