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Breakingviews: Big year for Wall Street bonuses?

Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014 - 02:56

March 12 - Securities industry pay is up an average of 15 pct according to New York’s comptroller. Rob Cox and Antony Currie discuss why the figure is slightly misleading.

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So was a big year for bonuses and 2013 in New York City. 50% more than the year before Thomas and happily the state controller at a breakfast today which our -- aunt Sonya curry went to what they serve you besides. Exiled there that I -- enough and not very expensive ones given that Google -- gold and I'm coming out considering how well that is the controls practicing he's he's done. Last year they should've been given a little bit wolf we thought it but he's excited because the tax -- receipts in the city are now what second highest on record. Yep friend well -- isn't exactly yes that the little wrinkle in this if you will -- it is not necessary action that last year is paying as little as well as comically Wright was actually happen is its older deferred come from. What 20092000. Analysts finally coming to you it's an action to bonus pool. Full all livable cities or losing you looking York city such -- up 44%. Over the past he has received 26 tourism and handle that sort of sings it slightly misleading in Syria at a 15% -- doesn't mean that. People got cash bonuses this last couple exactly they were up 15% it means. That that some that the total value of of compensation much of it deferred yet has risen because stock cars for 88 except what it's not just amongst the -- -- -- it yet you look at what's happened the past two years my specs -- and -- 101520%. It's more it when you get stock in depth pay for it best of three -- four years. And then you can said he wanted to fed it was so much of Goldman Sachs to cast a summit 2009 options. To what it almost 200 million dollars against top executives that graphics yeah its it's ready to about what's happened the past which we pointed out. As well quite recently that if you working on Wall Street what's really the -- that the mime and is what's happening off look if you look like just -- that investment banks recorded for 2013. Bonuses so I just look at compensation yeah. And bonuses -- it affects Soviets he got this -- includes a bit different stuff and the basic dispute and union. Past and basically flat the anybody who we know a deafening getting a fat one -- Policy and they're getting plugged it could Jamie -- -- like that he suffered. A problem with the way -- 2012 -- pays going up by 8% OK it puts a while his overall comfort to stop his. The rich get richer hotline app and the medium rich get 50% richer. Yeah which is not bad -- is is not so bad anyway get and what -- of what was did in the monopoly have any view about what. What's gonna happen in 2014 and -- overheating got too much and I think -- That's going to be a degree of help tonight that you got this to furcal and a 34 years ago it was really scary time we not getting enough revenue im gonna wake. Now they getting it so you now know that he had 13 to maybe 40%. Reviewing company actionable street is gonna come from -- current year that's going to be a little bit of a south any element to write -- thank you -- We're back with more breaking views tomorrow.

Breakingviews: Big year for Wall Street bonuses?

Wednesday, Mar 12, 2014 - 02:56

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