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Crimeans nurse hangovers, presume fait accompli

Monday, Mar 17, 2014 - 03:30

Mar. 17 - 96% of voters in Crimea have backed joining Russia, in a referendum Western powers claim was illegal. Reuters correspondent Mike Collett-White assesses the mood on the ground.

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96% of murders and crime may have -- joining Russia in a referendum western -- say it was a legal Reuters correspondent Mike Colin White joins me. On the line now from us and purple might just get a sense of solid of -- of the mood barrel on the street is is it one of exhilaration is it one of of uneasy anticipation. On this would be this morning -- it's a bit more anger and we we had the -- -- Results it -- But you know the majority crime in which he led to a rupturing so that majority represented -- squares and streets on. Drinking -- and be hearing waiting flag and enjoying. Liquidate. It's a little bit more used a bit more do I heard any help -- -- however security it is very tight I'm not school bought the parliament building in. Being searched and their dozens of them. You know armed police. Her. I'm getting -- which is the sort of the riot police down here are a bit that there is certainly. An element tension -- on the dignity. But on jeopardy according to people right. And how how quickly though you think things will move now I see that the lower house of parliament in Russia says they get applauses legislation in the in the very near a few shots. Acted to join Russia. Again what are people saying on the street about how quickly this can happen. Well I think in many people in the street here yet it is difficultly and indebted that the Google resisting -- -- He. Annexation into a corner -- that. But it will take time I'm in trouble I think was -- very quickly I'm keen to get it done and move on. Are there Pratt Kelly eat everything from you know these pension like possible and then -- -- -- -- -- certain military it. Issue -- and it will take on the Rihanna. What what what about this this this idea that there is still a diplomatic option out between the US and Russia Isaac once they -- Certainly know he had matter I think beat the geopolitical. -- -- here is not reading what the people of secrets and not see they're aware that. I think it very much treated as a done deal down nearby. Unit per rush on a mature yet. And I'm. Ellen I see that it unlikely that some of them -- and it'll all over -- get. So I'm I'm just -- that is I would what are people saying about sanctions that people care about the sanctions that said the people are talking about being imposed on Russia. And how likely is it that it's that that these will be imposed quickly now. All the people hit certainty that you don't care about that -- it sort of erratic and then. There are travel ban on senior Russian officials and and they -- At a rate cut that back with the motherland Russia. I I suspect -- adults to act quickly would act quickly to -- seem to be doing some arm. Deals -- at the colts some part of -- interest on we know -- -- happen which would crush it might. And you know what I think let Eric it is that they -- the -- in the situation is quick Google -- and they -- monarch. Aaron got. -- -- Ukrainian Russian CU silver at Austin and actually quite get about each. Mike many thanks and so he -- -- Mike brought it winds. Joining us now on the line I'm -- problems is --

Crimeans nurse hangovers, presume fait accompli

Monday, Mar 17, 2014 - 03:30

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