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Breakingviews: After Ono, Vodafone needs to cut costs

Monday, Mar 17, 2014 - 03:37

Mar. 17 - After Vodafone's 7.2 billion euro Ono purchase, the UK mobile giant must cut costs to justify the Spanish cable operator's strategic price.

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Politically and pays more than seven billion euros to Spain's top cable is it -- it -- is the NBA and it's a Reuters breaking news joins us now. What -- thinkers. Both -- -- -- -- you want to play defense doing it and as you say this it's that big price. Does not solve. Strategic reasons why it might be worth. -- Building up and so cool for play when you can -- customers. Combination of commitment involved -- -- -- the pool planned. Every your analysis of is the future and and telecoms let's focus on strong -- here explain. However that it's it's a big number and I mean the good thing is that. But -- -- -- also outlines some pretty -- Cynicism savings from this world -- students well I hate it when you. There is the -- of -- if you wore. The way that you markets customers with you cross so. In space apparently you know if that these finals but as. -- -- -- -- efficiency. In moving your war you know the hundred of whom labeled by itself onto onto a fixed now. What I voted -- and is promising to -- it says it spent some. And I guess. Well and it and if we go back to the price seven point two billion us that seven doesn't make much of a Denton though what is -- the waters perhaps now part of that is that. But wolf what's on the price you know the these. Savings. Will actually reduce the the multiple. He put all of us. That Clinton's Pattinson should they died in. The Susan -- -- the middle kind of value. Artists to the minerals slides in the restive for infants what does that mean. -- kind of comes after sentiment for it. Problem for shareholders this they've been quite wary of the defendant because of the policy here -- business pending another few billion. We're so. That given its track record and in my assumption announcement record. Court concerned about the it'll -- In the bigger the bigger it it it gets operation -- the more -- stills there's a question of how desirable that is as a takeover talk. Vehicles before this AT&T users of this to say they from a from a shareholder from the perspective this has she opposite -- today. But then may be a concern about it is -- that you -- you -- is getting taken reprieve. But but the expectation as we are going to see more and more deals made by -- very different as it it's. Spends this money has it that identifies areas like TV for some relevant -- again it's. It's it's it's becoming a ton of different companies to what it wasn't a few moments ago -- it. This and a deal follows. Big deal and seven payable. Couple -- I can stand up for it if I was promising Simpsons and savings you know we haven't seen the movie is promising the same thing ends today. Say it is present themselves within minutes we're credible case for why. And these these big numbers is playing -- -- a -- of -- are actually delivered yet. OK very good course what's a space that -- a lot more from Vodafone. And of course the previous comment on the back of it in the future. That's interviewer what are you should -- -- incidents in thirty GMT every day and actual vocalist is Alexis.

Breakingviews: After Ono, Vodafone needs to cut costs

Monday, Mar 17, 2014 - 03:37

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