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Breakingviews: Bouygues’ intriguing tactics in SFR battle

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 - 03:18

Mar. 21 - Bouygues has re-opened the battle for French telecoms provider SFR, but their tactics are intriguing and its latest offer may still fall short, says Breakingviews.

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Breaking news today looking at the Robert complex battle for French Telecom provider. Access fall according Webb is looking into the story I'm. The latest tactic from the -- that raised off. It's a good week tactic or is that a French government tactic. That -- tell say we have a situation when Vivendi is trying to sell us. They hadn't selected to preferred they get data which Patrick atrocities of cable try to. There in three weeks of exclusive talks simply is the sort of pleasing. Today -- yet of their own accord they've come back with the best often they say at least in customs. They have cruelty and CDC which this thing back its French bank. To take a minority equity stake as part of the -- sort of feels like there is some sort of official. Sanction and in them previous weeks and days we've kind. Some sort of intentions from the French industry minister he has been vocal about his kind of supports for the legal -- and his. Misgivings about Patrick -- being a Swiss citizen and some of the stuff that's being held -- -- the channel -- Andre and -- trying to extra cash 11 point 85 billion euros of extra cash. I'm in your opinion you know based on. What we see in the cost of -- this is his official sanction enough to make this happen. That's what -- sort of depends what you mean by official sanction because we have we have we have -- -- got a young -- getting me how that we have the government but we also have. Competition regulators and you'll send out communications -- so it's conceivable that you might not have -- -- singing from the same. And she does also question mark on whether the European Commission which is taking a keen interest in the health of the European telecoms sector. Would like to get involved and maybe assess the deal itself and -- because it doesn't want to see Europe's telecoms continue to bleeds because -- Into sort of intensity and that's the situation what do you think what will take this. Well based on. What you've heard from from your muscles that -- in which time about talking in the -- just going absolutely is that I think this is probably not enough to -- it. Decisively in -- -- they still face a bigger sort of regulate treat problem than the other business so one might. Get around that will be twelve for big break me Ali say. If we offered by this and in the regulate this -- it we will pay you a bit and terrorism to -- anyway. Is something you can use to bridge that gap when the foreign talent disagree if there I would pulls bullet aliens and we heard from America from this site on the back -- this latest race. We haven't had from them we haven't had very much for Vivendi. -- I mean those guys to sort of officially. Locked in talks privately saying tell us what they should be focusing on them can very get -- -- what you royalties now Clinton effect for much of the Clinton -- After breaking news you can -- sequence peace accords on the breaking news science. I am if you wanna watch the US showed twelve studies and -- June -- GMC. Amex quotes sources.

Breakingviews: Bouygues’ intriguing tactics in SFR battle

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 - 03:18

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