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Lipper Awards

How this year's Lipper Award winners were chosen

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 - 02:55

Mar 21 - Jeff Tjornehoj, Head of Lipper Americas Research, discusses how this year's Lipper Award-winning fund managers stood out in an environment where equity markets were so strong.

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This year's Lipper awards were announced last night in New York Jeff -- head of America's research joins me now for more on how -- trophy winners are selected. I'm good another successful year for the Lipper awards. -- to just -- theme among this year's winners. You know it's always hard to tease out of theme because there are so many varieties and styles of strategies represented each year. One thing I've noticed is that over the last couple of years volatility has really come down so these managers don't have to be quite as cautious about risk as they were. Let's say 56 years ago so in in in a sense we've got some of the best -- these managers can offer on display this year. We had a course and play thirteen a fabulous year the stock market. What separated. Could equity manager from a great -- somebody who created visualize a market with less volatility than we -- up like it said you know 78 years ago. So we saw managers really starting to take a look at that growth the year stocks out there they were certainly a little more aggressive but they had -- be very careful about where they were going. There were certain pockets of resistance in the market that didn't quite get the message that things were going to be. A firing on all cylinders at 2013 so managers who had a good enough foresight and maybe just had that intuition. To be a little bit more aggressive absolutely stood out of course it was a different story out of fixed income side a little bit of a rocky year how to get fixed income manager Stan. You know I think again we saw some good intuition out there and knowing to kind of pare back on treasuries certainly helps managers more than others. Those are willing to step into the corporates and even some selective -- when it comes to different sovereign debt separated winners from losers. We are now five years from the depths of the financial crisis what sets the five year winners apart. Well they have to deal with a variety of market conditions it wasn't one of those markets where every vote -- floated they had to adjust overtime. And that's really that what -- awards this year sent to me is these managers did a great job. Of seeing where the market was going in the adjusted their portfolios accordingly so. It's tough to get a good handle on what a manager looks like unless they've really been season by market twists and turns and I think this year we got it nailed. You crunch data daily for a living here done this for years any big surprises to you when you reflect on some of the winners. Some of the winners just surprised me year after year how will lead to -- and we've got a lot of repeat winners this year. But we're not so stuck in our ways that we end up showing the same ones over and over there's a fair amount of turnovers I think were able to see a variety of styles of writing of strategies really rise to the top and I think investors -- great selection of really good managers here yet turn on my outlook -- thanks so much thank you run it. I'm Rhonda schaffler this is Reuters.

How this year's Lipper Award winners were chosen

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 - 02:55

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