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What's up with the $7 Pringles in hotel minibars?

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 - 03:29

The CEOs of Marriott and Hilton explain how they can lose money on hotel minibars when a container of Pringles costs $7.

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So both companies are extremely well known there the two largest hotel companies in the world. Roughly. The same number of rooms they each operate about 675000. Rooms around the world. Hilton has enterprise value of about 32 billion dollars Merriam -- night about. On sixteen or seventeen million dollars they each have roughly 300000 employees. And they both compete each other fairly fiercely. And today it agreed to come together. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So generally it look like it's this close to it's like I was I'm going somewhere and I wanted to. Change before I make a speech or something's -- on a couple times when a hotel there I'd like the room for just twenty minutes. And and today David these are -- they -- in the right. -- I guess -- 120 minutes I think they -- one though we don't do this and rates for twenty minutes I'll pay the full right now and I know let me -- -- manager and then they -- they -- are you coming in for twenty minutes yes -- by yourself yet on this kind of -- with me. And up. But -- anyway. So I found it very difficult to actually get a room without reservation for me to answer questions why you -- for twenty minutes is the change anyway and here you're surprised by that yes. Okay but how can people say hotel companies say they lose money many parts of the things that's very expensive but. And who -- the person that sells these. Pringles because every -- mini -- ever been in they have little Pringles why is singles and every single -- or any where in the world. Michael I -- pretty RS. Between them. We are I think collectively we're at -- -- report so yeah balanced meal is it can of Pringles for. Out of the car and -- don't leave our closed on the floor for your towel on the lower. We really don't take care at the hotel room the way we do. And we don't answer me this. So the reason there Pringles and there is because people eat the greens and you know you're likely to show up front desk and say. I needed wells and I always. I had zero point not only be viewed the Pringles got to get your -- -- that's a very good point on the back check out of the votes now. I think the personal say well what do you have them anymore I don't -- stay in people's -- among gummy bears and slider up. So I always added that you want -- -- -- his life partner at. And my question is what percentage of people lie you have to go back in chart though -- -- -- there isn't many voters don't make sense economically is that that you go back in charge and later he always and I can charge him. Absolutely your words are right I think I think about a quarter and his best -- about a quarter of the time. People do it -- but it was not. I reserve and an advanced. And they have my credit card they ask for anyway then I checked out one day later -- -- Democratic Party and one of and you the second time -- fight my and it didn't go bad over 24 hours wanted to do that. You're you're the only person Americans still checks realized that I don't think that's how you -- But my mother always had check out the makes her because otherwise we'll keep charging you for OK okay. Hi I I was checked out no nobody can I don't know what. Nobody notices that they -- check out definitely do -- alias from my credit card. I'm Janet now I don't know where -- okay -- -- Obviously not the Hilton and Arianna I mean -- what you second for twenty minutes I guess they -- yeah neighborhoods and into the zone at the Vietnam.

What's up with the $7 Pringles in hotel minibars?

Friday, Mar 21, 2014 - 03:29

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