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Tesla on collision course with U.S. car dealers

Saturday, Mar 22, 2014 - 02:26

Tesla Motors is cleaning up in the ''green'' auto arena, but it's in a head-on fight with U.S. car dealers worried that if Tesla's direct sales model catches on, major automakers like GM and Ford might ditch their dealers.

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-- -- modeled -- -- go from zero to sixty miles an hour three point nine seconds thank you. It with other viewers and people who had the 80000 dollars notify one of these cars. However the company is on a collision course with other viewers who actually sell most cars in the United States. These tests that would like facility cars directly to consumers and show inflict this one here in Washington DC. But that conflicts with a lot of state laws that require auto manufacturers to sell through independent dealerships. Even here in the Washington DC region. If you go across the river to -- juniors go up the road to Maryland and you'll be able to actually fight card you'll be able look at it. And check it out for you what it'll take it for a test driver asked how much it costs you'll have to go home and complete the sale online. Net castle's been fighting -- state capitals across the country to overturn these laws -- at least when an exemption or find some sort of Luke Wilson that they can sell their cars directly. They've had mixed success so far they've been blocked New Jersey and Arizona and Texas. And they managed victory in Washington State recently and they've also fought off efforts in other states like Massachusetts. And Minnesota Tesla wants to sell cars itself because they say that dealers can't be trusted to explain the benefits of that car. And it might be less of the. Ethnic about selling an electric -- the other part is very little maintenance. That was -- into the money that he would make from oil changes in service prepares dealers say they are so many of electric cars made by other companies like Nissan and he'd be happy to handle the -- But the real concern for -- is a test itself the company only sold 30000 or so cars last year compared to fifteen million sold over nationwide. The problem they say. Is that if -- wins an exemption and big company. Like Ford General Motors and -- might take advantage to sell cars directly themselves that was cut about a little. This has all the elements of a classic clash between all the news between the established main street businesses that sponsor of the Little League team. Persons Ilan mosque that visionary founder of Tesla right now Tesla is more of a luxury auto maker the car behind me compete more directly with BMW and Porsche. That's due to change in the next year's contestants gonna roll out of and that family friendly minivan in all. Retail network to be firmly in place and battle that.

Tesla on collision course with U.S. car dealers

Saturday, Mar 22, 2014 - 02:26

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