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Malaysia says jet crashed in sea; bad weather halts search

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 - 01:44

March 25 - Bad weather and rough seas force the suspension of the search for any wreckage of a missing Malaysian jetliner that officials are now sure crashed in the remote Indian Ocean with the loss of all 239 people on board. Sarah Toms reports.

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Planes lie idle in this airbase in western Australia, as the search for any wreckage of the missing Malaysia Airlines jetliner is suspended because of bad weather. High winds and rain meant these search aircraft could not fly safely to the zone, where several floating objects have been spotted that might belong to the jet. Officials are now sure flight MH370, which disappeared on March 8th crashed in the remote Indian Ocean off Australia. They've based their conclusions on new satellite analysis by the British company Inmarasat. Newspapers in Malaysia, Australia and China paid tribute to the 239 people on board, who are now believed to have died. Two thirds of the passengers on the Beijing bound jet were Chinese. Relatives have voiced grief, anger and disbelief. (SOUNDBITE) (Bahasa Indonesia) UNCLE OF FIRMAN CHANDRA SIREGAR, PANDAPOTAN SIREGAR SAYING: "Please don't come to a conclusion as saying that the flight had crashed and no one survived solely based on the signs that mentioned (in the announcement), there must be more and firmer evidence to prove it." China has demanded to see the satellite data on which that conclusion was based. (SOUNDBITE)(Mandarin) CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTRY SPOKESMAN HONG LEI SAYING SAYING: "China has learnt that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib has already announced that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane crashed into the South Indian Ocean. We pay great attention to this. China has already demanded that Malaysia further provide all the information and proof used to reach this conclusion. China's search efforts are still ongoing. We hope that the search efforts by Malaysia and other countries will continue" The reasons why the flight deviated so far off course remain a mystery but family and loved ones of the passengers on board won't rest until they have some answers. 16. SIREGAR TALKING 17.

Malaysia says jet crashed in sea; bad weather halts search

Tuesday, Mar 25, 2014 - 01:44

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