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Inside the future of U.S. energy exports

Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014 - 01:35

As liquid natural gas exports become the talk in Washington, Reuters gets a rare glimpse behind the gates of one of only 6 U.S. terminals licensed to ship LNG from the U.S. to points overseas.

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It's. Been challenges liquefied natural. So it's natural gas it's been cooled to minus 260 degrees at which point as a liquid. And it's 600 times Dempster -- what would have access to be very efficiently transported by ship. Which was why don't you is transported around the world. Brother several -- several terminals now that are import terminals. We've been an important challenges. To augment the gas supplied to us. Now that we have the expected surplus of natural process and number facilities are looking to export challenging and -- one of those. We're gonna use the same pipelines coming into the facility. Will have the same tanks transfer lines. Offshore platform. I'll whenever we have the opportunity to load shift will pump the liquids through the transfer lines of runup to the platform reduced through the tunnel looks and under one under water tunnels. In the day and -- transfer of liquid out to the ships there are loading arms are loading arms that's sort of load the ships with a liquid. And then they'll take the liquid from from there to either India or Japan. We have twenty year contracts. -- jail -- India and Sumitomo of Japan. And those contracts will start of course what we're going to surface.

Inside the future of U.S. energy exports

Wednesday, Mar 26, 2014 - 01:35

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