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Breakingviews: U.S. gas no Putin pummeler

Friday, Mar 28, 2014 - 02:42

March 28 - Breakingviews columnists explain that lawmakers' plans to export more gas to Europe wouldn't aid Ukraine or hurt Russia for years - but would immediately benefit U.S. energy companies.

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America's lawmakers think they found a great way much to help Ukraine but also maybe to. Give a bit of a perspective Vladimir Putin they are thinking. About exporting more natural gas over to Europe they may well be that Ukraine isn't the place to benefit from this Chris you've been leaking -- this week. What's the deal so the congressmen and congresswomen saying that this is a great idea we can explore more we can -- more. Ability first of exporters to simulcast of the articles limited by regulation and little in the US to explore them that's resources. What's the deal that once it's -- nobody can help you -- When the risk of being slightly cynical if it's possible that a that a crisis gives politicians the excuse to put something they want to do anyway -- with a plastic eggs on right. And many yet American politicians really want to accelerate its price of exporting natural gas. It's great for the trailers it's great for the oil industry for the likes of -- -- go. And -- the only problem is that these pumps take couple of years to build you know they're putting something you're talking about. Discussing about from -- -- exporting about four years -- deficits under Louisiana project if approved in 2011. -- probably gonna stop -- by the end of 2015. So Putin has plenty of time to adjust its strategy in the meantime the F and it's obviously not a great deal of help to. To keep trying if you if they get extra -- enough -- -- his -- -- -- -- It is just -- having you'll be saying it's it's something maybe thinking about Simon I'm assuming a thinking that the the gas producers and exporters in the united loudly that it may well be that it'll benefit America -- all the ways -- well because it will all of these phones and multi billion dollars in projects. They create a lot of employment. In sort of the Gulf Coast on the west -- In addition to which and the more. And gas America had drills -- -- -- royalties so -- government confidence -- -- that they thought exposing. The price differential is a great thing is on -- could cost the side of exposing it yet but we've got what its full dollars full chief. British selling it was a million British selling his gas used to measure that. That's right a million British thermal units and that's what that's what the prices in the US is in the US if -- if they confront it in Europe that they can probably get eleven dollars and twelve dollars. In Asia it can go as high as fifteen dollars and even if you adjust any considerable cost of freezing and transporting this stuff but it huge amount of albatross. So it's very much what we we hope you kind of we can get four times the revenue coming in -- and indeed. By Chris thanks -- -- -- that and we'll be back with more breaking news next week.

Breakingviews: U.S. gas no Putin pummeler

Friday, Mar 28, 2014 - 02:42

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