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GM crash victim's mom speaks out

Saturday, Mar 29, 2014 - 01:55

March 29 - Laura Christian, whose daughter was killed when her airbag did not deploy, talks about why she is suing the automaker, and what she hopes to tell CEO Mary Barra. Bobbi Rebell reports.

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Laura Christian is planning to sue GM for the wrongful death of her 15-year old daughter Amber. The airbags in her Chevy Cobalt failed to deploy in a crash because of a critical defect. It was not until 7 years later that GM issued a recall. (SOUNDBITE) LAURA CHRISTIAN (ENGLISH) SPEAKING: "When I first started contacting GM in September of 2005, I was trying to find out, you know, what happened, what made these airbags not deploy, and how many other folks did this happen to, and, even more importantly, what were they planning on doing to fix it but, unfortunately, nobody would ever speak to me there. I'm actually very sorry that it came to that. I contacted GM again a month ago. I simply wanted them to give my contact information to the other families. The other victim families to hope to get us all together, and maybe heal a little bit but they pretty much have refused to do that. Apparently, the only thing they listen to are things that affect their bottom line." About a month ago Christian created a GM survivors page on Facebook page to connect with the other families. (SOUNDBITE) LAURA CHRISTIAN (ENGLISH) SPEAKING: "It's just a shame that corporations, big corporations, like GM, feel that they might be large enough to hide the truth from the public, but, in this day and age, there are many people like me who will seek to uncover that information. There is no more hiding." GM CEO Mary Barra did speak out this week - posting videos aimed at consumers on the firm's YouTube page. She will answer more questions when she appears at a U.S. Senate panel hearing. Christian will be there. (SOUNDBITE) LAURA CHRISTIAN (ENGLISH) SPEAKING: "I am hoping to speak to the CEO Mary Barra at least for a few minutes to find out what she has found out so far, and what they are planning to do to uncover all this information that has been hidden for so many years."

GM crash victim's mom speaks out

Saturday, Mar 29, 2014 - 01:55

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