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Breakingviews: Tip of the Sandberg

Monday, Mar 31, 2014 - 03:01

March 31 - Breakingviews columnists discuss whether Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's chief operating officer, needs to ''lean out'' and set her sights on running an enterprise herself.

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So assembly join FaceBook to -- this sort of adult supervision for a very young monks who could excellent three minutes of a billionaire in the process sort through the -- Now as a complex and too big acquisitions in the last few weeks nineteen billion both what's that two billion those -- -- the other virtual reality company. People last week suggestion -- that so it was very much calling the shots now and you -- may be shows and Vegas. Should should be looking at -- a -- joke. I mean it's pretty clear that Zuckerberg who control 60% of the -- company that's all been disclosed it's all very clear. And he's now doing deals you know pretty much kind of singularly doing them which. May be required to get another entrepreneur of the counseling -- go to see people that I like this company. Right and you know and -- tells the board that I just need to write a check for ninety billion dollars and another two billion dollars here and there that that the point of the piece was to say. If Sherrill was brought that she's incredibly computer capable. Executive. Who has written this book called -- in which is about how women should be asserted in the workplace and should. Should not let you know being a woman get in the way of of leadership right which result absolutely correct. The question it's sort of funny that she's in the shadow of this guy who's going around doing deals that. The market itself is saying that we're not so sure about that promises it's not becoming a liability for her at some point should she step out of the Zuckerberg shadow. And lead out is if we're FaceBook. And show that she's capable of running a company fully around. Because there's other things she could be running. But she's not running FaceBook and exits the net Zuckerberg very young he told the during the companies make clear this is is being Venus please interest. We've seen other deal that other companies like who had a similar sort of thing Boehner or Eric Schmidt came and he was kind of the adult supervision. Several years later you know Larry Page is able to run accompanying Eric Schmidt accused until we got paid very nicely and -- can do whatever he wants to. Search for its bit older and Cheryl to be younger so Charles -- plenty of time to go out there if she's got experience all of the. -- -- you let's face it means she is very politically connected and she was chief of staff Larry Summers worked in the Clinton administration. She is someone who could potentially be for cabinet position and came up quite a bit a couple of times. -- after the Obama first administration's figuring out what Obama 2.0 with little -- but -- can't talk jobs council -- name came up as potential Treasury Secretary. All of which sounds great you mean you know she can be vice President Clinton she can be president one day she really truly is capable of that the issue is you. She needs to do something more. Besides -- is Zuckerberg shadow here. Particularly given the deals is doing could leave investors with -- a pretty. Bitter after you thank you need to be kind of vehicles. So goes the CEO somewhere around something in efforts are and and then. I think that her future -- even brighter. Thanks wrote thanks -- we'll -- that what this and we'll have more breaking news for you to.

Breakingviews: Tip of the Sandberg

Monday, Mar 31, 2014 - 03:01

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