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Brand Battles: Nike vs. Adidas

Tuesday, Apr 01, 2014 - 03:21

April 1 - Nike and Adidas are squaring off for soccer supremacy at the Brazil World Cup. But who’ll emerge victorious? Nigel Hilditch reports.

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At the World Cup this summer rivalries will be rife almost cited in the brand battle between added Dustin Nike. Historically Germany's added -- has been the front runner when it comes to full -- but American upstart Nike has built itself a -- swiftly. Nike brand president it's Chet Edwards. The World Cup sends a very very clear purpose for us -- allows us to use the energy of the World Cup to win with our consumers. To drive our business and importantly to reinforce our position as a leading global brands. But who'll win the battle of the brands in Brazil. Nike will make kits that ten of the 32 finalists outscoring at a -- for the very first time. And it's trump card could be backing for his nation and favorites Brazil. I did -- that were attached to arch rivals Argentina. As well as the favorites Germany in world champions Spain. Bitch Fiat brand experts drew you Barrett. Plus Nike leads the way in the overrule sportswear market I did ask his heritage -- -- football means housing market share leading when the pro football specific. But -- catching up and getting it pretty quickly. Both friends have already launched innovative new United States. But with the average player in the park unlikely to notice much of a difference sales are going to be based on which stars when I walked. Again those little between them Nike may place Brazil's may mark a world player of the Christiane a renowned and but other -- pay for the pleasure of lacing the but it certainly in the messy and Robin van Percy. Is of -- don't always perform as there are expected to be done in 2010 what Nike though it was amazing ambush marketing. Became known as the because of the Nike ads. The likes of renowned drug by reunion -- Green failed to live up to expectations. At a best benefits from being an official World Cup sponsor. It's already seeing significant sales at the official World Cup match will -- doesn't just put us through tough. How Levys say it's it even has its own Twitter account which already has over 100000. Followers. -- there was no slouch in the text via either. It's the number one most hash tag brand audience to Graham and boasts 48 million unique connections with Opel -- -- worldwide. Perhaps we need anyways to compare the two. Reuters -- tips the balance in Nike's favor. Style mind analysis says it's has a much higher up on school. And that means financial analysts a more likely to raise that rating on the stock. Nike also schools on profitability. Its return on equity my high end and German rival. So I was the final whistle blows all those are just about even but even the -- sides can fall victim to the dreaded shoot out. Weak currencies in emerging markets like Brazil could wipe out World Cup games but both companies this year. Whoever can save themselves from that penalty could be the ultimate winner of this round battle. Not too -- it's federal x.s.

Brand Battles: Nike vs. Adidas

Tuesday, Apr 01, 2014 - 03:21

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