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3D printer company enjoys sweet taste of success

Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014 - 01:47

Apr. 02 - The world's confectioners are gearing up for Easter and an anticipated sales bonanza of chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies. However, as Jim Drury reports, one small company in Wroclaw, Poland has a message for lovers of all things chocolate - print your own.

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With Easter almost here, confectioners are preparing for their annual chocolate egg sales bonanza. And Polish company ZMorph, says it can make those sweet treats look and taste ever more delectable....thanks to their 3D printer. UPSOT: PRINTER It's the first printer in the world to produce chocolate and cakes. The company says it can also create objects made of rubber and ceramics. ZMorph head Przemyslaw Jaworski says his company is at the cutting edge of 3D printing technology, with attachments adapted for different materials and functions. SOUNDBITE (Polish) HEAD OF "ZMORPH "COMPANY, PRZEMYSLAW JAWORSKI, SAYING: "Our printers really aren't just mere printers. They are personal manufacturers with devices capable to produce objects by using various materials, various techniques. Their characteristic features are the changeable printheads which can be taken off and put on, which enables us to use various technologies." The ZMorph personal fabricator combines 3D printing and computer controlled engraving. Digital text, logos and drawing instructions are sent from a computer to a milling machine. UPSOT: PRINTER With the right tool-heads all manner of products can be created, including components for other printers, says designer Bartosz Weryho. SOUNDBITE (Polish) DESIGNER, BARTOSZ WERYHO, SAYING: "We choose the head appropriate to the material, that means we can print nylon, rubber, plastic, ceramics. we go, one can do anything, whatever you wish." Confectionery firms have shown interest in the chocolate printing toolhead, promising a sweet future for ZMorph. The company recently announced plans for a public share issue. It's not a license to print money, but a share offer could provide the cash they need to replicate their success many times over.

3D printer company enjoys sweet taste of success

Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014 - 01:47

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