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Ukraine's 'Chocolate King' on presidential ambitions

Tuesday, Apr 08, 2014 - 05:09

April 8 - Modernising Ukraine and ridding the country of corruption are the key motivations for becoming president, says confectionery billionaire Petro Poroshenko.

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You're very successful -- have a good life. Isn't. -- several real difficult thing to do to be president of Ukraine at this time. After the February practice when the -- hundred give their life for the but for the democracy. Pulled the European venues. For the changes in the country but you can beat it was born in the new country. It was born in the new people. But unfortunately. It's left old politician. And I tried to do my best. That the competition the government and authorities have to present to be adequate answer to you people. From the news. If you were elected president what would you regardless -- central tops that. We should find out of my console for the problems which now. Is in the top priority of the present people what he's found that the premier. Jones. Inflation. Southern. Pension tennis no. Security. We should guarantee the people that they have to execute. Both from the aggressive. And we can build up this international effective mechanism of the -- security construction not only for you -- But political you from the -- global skipped. Because Ukraine crisis is very. It effectively demonstrate. That the old security systems don't work anymore earns. I -- united nations Security Council. Know these security measures in European Union no -- among them when the president. -- when you -- country. And voluntarily rejected from the -- you -- arsenal in the world to receiving the guarantee from the United States from the United Kingdom from France. China and Russia being on that rational process. -- security mechanisms want to practice. For more -- say and you seem to be suggesting that. The bicycles will be felt Ukraine to draw its mom block. Status. Because -- number of states -- has not worked. -- question. Neutrality is not. What in the western and central equally. More than 60% of Ukraine and supporting the north of trafficking which. In the southeast if you -- less than 20% support -- And it is a danger that these great in the country. So this is not acceptable but what construction and what methods. I wanna close to the people. Being you'll formal security tweeted. Teach the replays will the president on. Each of the Iraqi farm Viacom Barnaby Ukrainian parliament act signed by Ukrainian president and each will be proposed to accidentally. Practical detailed mechanism how BE pilot -- Not just because you want to create a danger to any of Portland me. But you want them to demonstrated that the security system is a really working and no aggressive can use these. Can use the weakness of Ukraine. To make an attack but. It is impossible to detect any country or anybody leave the country itself are not permitted to defend themselves and that's why the third. Crucial point for the security. He's do you see this modernization of the. You can come in economic terms. You know one of the big issues. This let's discuss -- quite often as a corruption issue. What has to be done. To get -- that cannot be done. You are absolutely right. First set stepping modernization is. Huge -- -- correction Moses who Bristol the trust for the investment and who can keep. All the investors comfortable in Ukraine because look this is -- these attainment of to fly to key from any European capital. Is just to welfare. You don't need any visa for better or you can come here in event is safe. In the event in nice country with a very experienced labor. We've been very effective cheap calls for the creation of businesses. And the only obstacle for a billion there is the perhaps. That's why is it's a top priority -- modernize its. If our our program that reform would be quite successful. In that in the future. We will ask how -- -- populace to vote on putts. Compass perspective. Just because Ukrainian people pass very difficult and very important exams. For democracy for Europeans. -- of this examples. Of prevention and the price you pay for this is some sort.

Ukraine's 'Chocolate King' on presidential ambitions

Tuesday, Apr 08, 2014 - 05:09

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