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Rolex, Art & Money: a day in the life of a bitcoin junkie

Wednesday, Apr 09, 2014 - 02:52

We talk to people attending the 'Inside Bitcoins' conference in New York and get a flavor of what life is like for bitcoin enthusiasts.

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Big -- -- mania hits New York City where at the big point expo who's here when they come. Let's go inside to go out. It's very interesting it's mostly male. Other than you that happen. And it's I would say the average -- -- about. Thirty. Thirty to 35 years old. I really enjoy being undefeated emails at this conference disorder narcissistic -- -- I love the the fact they can eke out an ad nauseam is this -- fashion it's how the confession should be. Did you pay for this on bitcoin I have been off for all of this and decried what we have here the 1977. Rolex. The year of the first computer. How many big coined that caution ten at the time I lived through in the announced guns -- which has the highest penetration of recording in the world. Whether you know -- well it's in Amsterdam then that it's. -- energy companies that accept -- going all my delivery through its bid -- with the -- My health insurance stayed with the -- before I booked my flight here with the -- it's all done the Netherlands is really open to accepting the court. My next painting is going to be hit point yeah I've been painting monies for years and I did. Fascinated by money and explored as an artist -- -- static form. I am thinking about investing bitcoin and I'm sticking up accepting bitcoin for my works like you become part of that community. -- office furniture liquidators. We liquidate Wall Street in the financial district for use office furniture and resell it again. We're actually offering a hundred dollars above that market value for your -- Against use office furniture we're the only office furniture company right now accepting -- and the response has been huge. I'm very involved with the beat Clinton. Community but I actually got to eat -- may. Being in info -- saying it occupy eight Tel Aviv and occupy -- was street the people that that are here understand. That that supposedly free market we leave being music city monopolized by corn -- Actually the currency we you'll see is corn seed that we have no choice that option to choose we cannot easily its currency to be paid. We -- it but it's important because as peer to peer money. It allows one person to send another person on the planet a dollar. 400000 dollars and still pay about six cents because there's no middlemen can stop the transit of the transaction. The -- to -- big going to look like going through the army. There's only on the people that have gone through with you understand what's going on and you might be expanded to other people but not -- And we have a special sense of camaraderie where we're friends -- we've been through some things and at these conferences were able to. Year old friend again and catch up a little bit more than on Skype and do -- -- -- --

Rolex, Art & Money: a day in the life of a bitcoin junkie

Wednesday, Apr 09, 2014 - 02:52

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