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Rubbee set to electrify cycling

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 - 01:55

Apr. 15 - A Lithuanian inventor has come up with an attachable device that can transform an ordinary bicycle into an electric motorbike. Gediminas Nemanis says his device, called the Rubbee, offers cyclists the chance to 'go electric' simply by switching a lever. Debi Bell-Hosking reports.

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The Rubbee offers the ultimate in effortless fact riders don't have to cycle at all. It's a lightweight electronic device that can be attached to a bicycle in under a minute. Once it's attached and switched on, riders can take their feet off the pedals and let Rubbee take the strain. UPSOT: ELECTRIC MOTOR STARTING AND RUBBEE WHEEL The device is the brainchild of Lithuanian cycling enthusiast Gediminas Nemanis. UPSOT: ELECTRIC RUBBEE WHEEL SOUNDBITE (English) RUBBEE INVENTOR, GEDIMINAS NEMANIS, SAYING: "Rubbee is unique in its way how it transfers energy directly to the bicycle tyre, because we don't use any chains, drives, belts, cogs, or gears. That's why Rubbee is so compact, lightweight, and very easy to install on every single bicycle." The waterproof device is clipped to the seatpost beneath the saddle via a quick release lever. A shock absorber-like arm makes constant contact with the bike's rear tyre. UPSOT: ELECTRIC RUBBEE WHEEL The Rubbee's motor is controlled via a throttle attached to the bike's handlebar. Running on a 14 volt battery pack the Rubbee can travel up to 25 kilometres on its motor. But at 1200 dollars per unit, the device does not come cheap, although Nemanis says it brings savings eleswhere. SOUNDBITE (English) RUBBEE INVENTOR, GEDIMINAS NEMANIS, SAYING: "People choose Rubbee over other products, because they get to keep actually their old bicycles that they have and they don't have to throw it away and don't have to buy a whole electric bicycle, so that why they can use Rubbee and also use their old bicycle." It has taken two years to perfect and prepare the Rubbee for commercial sale but now, Nemanis says his invention is all set to electrify the market. UPSOT: ELECTRIC RUBBEE WHEEL

Rubbee set to electrify cycling

Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014 - 01:55

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