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How to diversify Europe’s energy supplies

Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 - 02:59

April 17 - The crisis in Ukraine has intensified calls to diversify Europe’s energy supplies. But how can the bloc wean itself off gas from Russia?

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Diversify diversify diversify diversify and accelerate energy independence. Do indexation of Crimea Ukraine's unpaid energy bills and the Kremlin's threats sent off to -- -- have reignited calls to cut Europe's energy dependence on Moscow. The EU gets around a third of its gas from Russia according to -- that then it. 40% of that currently passes to a network of pipelines in Ukraine. EU leaders won a road map by June to outline ways to diversify energy supplies. So what are the likely options finding replacement guys this tricky. For the production in the EU is limited while Britain's gas fields are shrinking. And US plans to export ailing G a targeted towards Asian custom missed where prices almost twice his height. The United States as a source of energy is one possibility and we've been blessed by some incredible. Resources but. We're also making choices. And then taking on some other difficulties and challenges. Energy development. And Europe's gonna have to go through some of those same conversations as well. So what about attempting to replicate the US shale gas revolution. Be used joined recent census estimates recoverable reserves of around a quarter of Americans. The geology is more complicated which bumps up the course of extraction. And the politics of -- to. We've been handling of these interminable delays in Europe over planning commission. To just to ensure that it is actually there on we have to actually drilled some things we can't tell them. -- usual kind of wonderful technologies of hydraulic fracturing and seismic imaging and so on although we can't use telepathy to Canada immigrant. Advocates of renewable energy argue it's the end says if we have got to have energy policy you know which is secure which we. Reaching more violent and she needs and when you post recently that challenge. Yes we need other technologies as well as social field but it was a -- -- We have to his boss is -- UK has put that one of the best when results in the world so that she's. But critics argued economics of solar and wind I would don't stack up renewables also require backed up by conventional public stations. What about a cheaper and greenery since the cold clean coal technology capture CO2 emissions burying them in these used gas wells. The key issue is how the bridge between old -- you -- so we didn't suddenly start pleasing existing Carol. We have the bridge to this clean coal technology. But environmentalists say clean coal is a myth and efforts to develop the technology on a large scale have stalled. Whether it's clean coal nuclear shale gas alternative imports there's no easy option Europe will meet to stitched together a patchwork of measures. Balancing security cost -- -- it will take time and political real but the Ukraine crisis -- forced the -- hand in putting energy security at the top of the agenda. What they're -- veto Reuters.

How to diversify Europe’s energy supplies

Thursday, Apr 17, 2014 - 02:59

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