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After recovering from head injuries, Boston survivor returns

Sunday, Apr 20, 2014 - 01:52

April 20 - While waiting to cheer on his dad, JP Craven was badly injured when the Boston Marathon bombings went off. After three surgeries on his head, he'll be running in this year's race and fundraising for the Boston Medical Center. No Reporter Narration.

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As JP Craven prepares to run in this year's Boston marathon he checks his fundraising website regularly. So far the 25-year-old school teacher and the seven people on his team have raised close to $150, 000 for the Boston Medical Center, which treated JP when he was wounded last year while watching the race. He was standing just 12 feet away from the spot where two bombs exploded - killing 3 people and wounding 264 - waiting to cheer on his dad, who was running in the race. Ahead of the race JP and his dad Joe took a walk down Boylston street and stopped at the spot where JP was standing when he was injured. "It feels fine," he said after taking a look around the area. "I was back here in June or actually in May at the end of May last year and it was the same thing. For whatever reason it's not something that gets me worked up. It's actually kind of calming to come back here and something that I've done multiple times over the course of the last year." He said he remembers most of what happened that day, until the bombs went off. "I came to the finish line, I was just waiting. I had walked - it was a really nice day. And then obviously when the explosions happened kind of went a little haywire. But I ended up running to the medical tent and got taken to Boston Medical Center and that's where everybody kicked into gear to help me out." JP told asked the nurses to call his parents and tell them that he was all right and was being treated at Boston Medical Center. His dad Joe, who was running in the marathon, diverted his route and ran straight to the hospital when he got the call. "You know his sweatshirt was on fire when he got up. And a lot of the heat from the bomb really impacted him. But the biggest fear at the time was whether the shrapnel had pierced his skull and a lot of the surgery was around trying to make that determination," Joe Craven said. JP lost part of his ear and has undergone three surgeries since the attack. His hearing has now been fully restored and while he suffered injuries to his head from shrapnel and has scars where it hit, he does not have any permanent damage to his head. The Craven family were so touched by the top notch medical treatment and follow up care that JP received at Boston Medical Center, a public facility that they decided to run in this year's marathon and raise money to help the hospital expand its emergency department. "They were very helpful to me both in the five days after and in the many visits I've had with them since then. And just the follow up phone calls, to the relationships that I've made, through the actual care itself, has just been above and beyond what they really needed to do. And so being able to help give back with the help of all the people closest to me is something that's really been special for me."

After recovering from head injuries, Boston survivor returns

Sunday, Apr 20, 2014 - 01:52

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