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Slovenia PM says country’s political stability comes first

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014 - 03:18

April 24 - Facing a leadership challenge this Friday, Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratusek says she's convinced the members of her party are aware of the importance of political stability to their country.

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With that being an embassy in London with the country's Communist and then have brought to check. Simple and how we're told you about the country's debt Slovenia and sent it doesn't need to raise more cash. But -- market conditions -- good that the maintenance Wilson being act comes in law kids that say end this year. To issue more bonds. It doesn't mean it cool -- That they equipped most -- of these here. We do not expect and we do not need to am and the additional that Armenia. And Saddam. Because you must be aware of dependent on him and barring of course samples and I think it can call. And sit it was a losing ticket crippled the patent. Some of some of them -- of this -- system in the post campaign. Recently we have been constantly borrowing can Manny. Or. And less that cost -- dressed as humid and windy interest rate -- around 7% to now it is the point for them -- -- it -- -- it. -- -- I want to cost you about convenience privatize -- pressed specifically -- comes at the end. What kind of inches have you had to say thought. Yes yes it to students -- be -- has adopted them the first package of companies into the end privatized and still on the company's actual companies and buying bank and he can only one of them. In that could make his any money is of course there has been some interest expressed for a critical but I would have to stress that -- -- and days and these matters -- if you're looking for transparency and and strategic partners. And it's inexcusable with a basket price looked as if in equipment. But which companies have you been speaking -- who's voiced an interest missing the people man in the corner -- and he didn't. It is not important how many companies have expressed the desire for a cooperation you've got it dead meat do you find its strategic partners and noble prize in the -- The public with the game that they bite and can confirm reports that there are several companies that can you just didn't have a car. Headlines the political crisis. Is he using -- leadership this Friday the coalition government could collapse. And it young candidates actually winds. Wade is that he viewed the isn't that they cannot -- septa tunnel I am convinced that the members of my party positives -- you know I. I don't know about the importance. Political stability in Slovenia which used in in wouldn't we'll be shady. Give us on Q India to cope with an -- of the travel but it and it winds what options do you have. Which is -- as I mentioned before I have no doubts that. My authority will do just adds that -- -- -- for small country. The travel.

Slovenia PM says country’s political stability comes first

Wednesday, Apr 23, 2014 - 03:18

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